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The Duamenefa intervention team again brokered peace between two relatives, Mercy Kabodzo and Millicent Alorgo, when the Duamenefa intervention train made yet another stop at Bayive today in their bid to help Mercy Kabodzo regain her sight.

Indicating his eagerness to welcome the team into his jurisdiction, Honourable Johnson Agbemazi, the Assembly Member of the Bayive Electoral area in the Akatsi South District of the Volta Region, confirmed the Bayive community’s preparedness for the occasion to Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, popularly known as Papa Ketaman. He gave the assurance on Sunday, October 21, 2018, during the Duamenefa Intervention Show, on Fafaa FM, in an interaction with Papa Ketaman, the host of the show and the CEO of the station.

For more than four years now, Mercy Kabodzo has been afflicted with an eye disease which ophthalmologists were unable to prescribe a cure for. Her father, who is a traditionalist, then resorted to spiritual remedies as there was suspicion that the ailment had a spiritual root. Millicent Alorgo was suspected to have used witchcraft to inflict Mercy with the disease. Millicent’s elder brother accused his sister of being responsible for the affliction because his mother had also suffered a similar ailment. According to him, spiritual investigations revealed that Millicent possessed some witchcraft powers with which she blinded his mother. Millicent flatly denied these charges.

All the traditional spiritual remedies sought by Mercy’s father have proved futile, hence his appeal to the Duamenefa Foundation to intervene in the matter.

Interestingly, both Mercy and Millicent are Christians. Because Mercy is a Catholic, the stakeholders invited to today’s event include a Catholic priest and other lay leaders of the Catholic Church in the community. According to Honourable Agbemazi, other dignitaries include Torgbui Samanfo, Torgbui Adranyi and Dumega Paul Kuadedze.

In Mercy’s own words, her condition was so terrible that it was impossible for her to open her eyes. However, she says, she is now able to lift her eyelids after she has been reconciled with Millicent and intercessory prayers made for her by the Duamenefa team of pastors. She is therefore confident that her sight will be fully restored soon in the mighty name of Jesus. Thus, Rev. Blame, flanked by both ladies, danced to a Christian Agbadza song at the close of the event to signify their unification, all to the glory of God.

Meanwhile, the pastors have deemphasized the possibility of Millicent being a witch. Instead, they believe some opportunistic spirit could be hiding behind the dispute between the young ladies to wreak havoc on Mercy who is believed to have wronged Millicent with regard to a failed relationship between Millicent and one Torgbui. Stay tuned for further developments.

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