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The Duamenefa Foundation, working in concert with Torgbui Elo III of Nogokpo and his council of elders, over the weekend had to compel one Gbatenu Daklu of Nogokpo, a self-confessed wizard, to reverse an evil spell he had cast on his younger sister, Awleyikpe. The spiritual onslaught is believed to have rendered her mentally imbalanced, resulting in her excruciating agony.

The sudden psychological condition which she developed about ten months ago made her abnormally restless. She has been suffering from fits of violence which she unleashes on any objects in her way, injuring herself in the process. She bashes her head into stonewalls around her whilst crying, or hits it against trees or any other objects close by until she blacks out.

When scientific medicine proved unsuccessful, the family turned to traditional shrines for a spiritual diagnosis. Several diviners insist that the condition is spiritual. They maintain that Vincent Gbatenu invoked some powerful deities to inflict her with the psychiatric disorder.

The genesis of the matter, according to various accounts, is a coconut plantation bequeathed to the siblings as a legacy. Gbatenu was, obviously, not pleased with how the inheritance was shared. His envy led to quarrels with and hatred for his sister, culminating in the spiritual affliction which the traditionalists claim only he can reverse.

However, Gbatenu would have none of that; he stood stubborn against Torgbui and the other traditional authorities. Even though he publicly conceded using a powerful kind of witchcraft called Đieto to torment his sister, he would not undo the evil charm.

He did a complete turnaround when the Duamenefa Foundation got involved, as a result of an appeal from Torgbui Elo III and other stakeholders to Duamenefa to intervene in the matter.

In a chat with Evangelist Ketaman, the CEO of Fafaa FM and host of the Duamenefa Show, on Sunday, Torgbui Elo III confirmed that Gbatenu had initiated the processes to reverse the curse. In his capacity as the President of the Duamenefa Foundation and on behalf of the entire foundatio, Papa Ketaman commended Torgbui for his exemplary leadership and conferred on him an automatic membership of the Duamenefa Foundation.

Papa Ketaman then insisted on having a word with Gbatenu himself. When Torgbui finally produced him and put him on air, it was clear that Gbatenu was inebriated. Nonetheless, he managed to corroborate Torgbui’s account. He gave assurances that he would conclude the rituals on Monday. The remaining rituals include one in which he will use his tongue to pick up certain objects from fire, he says.

He believes that his sister’s health will be restored to normalcy seven days after he has completed the process.

In the meantime, the Duamenefa intervention train is bound for Apeleyme-Adagbledu, Dzodze, Ketu North Municipality, for another public intervention exercise on Tuesday, regarding the mysterious disappearance of one Francis Koni Amanyo twelve years ago. Watch out for the outcomes of these events as you stand with Duamenefa in prayers.

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