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Thursday, November 1, 2018, would forever remain in the annals of Adagbledu-Apeleyme as the day one Anumu Kpekpeve Amanyo publicly confessed his complicity in manipulating diabolic forces to drive Connie Amanyo, his own brother, away from home. He claimed that an elder brother of his, one Apostle Obed Victor Amanyo, was the brain behind the diabolism they unleashed on their brother. He was responding to charges brought against him and Apostle Amanyo, both of whom were arraigned before Togbui Dzoku’s court of arbitration, Adagbledu Wornu.

For twelve years now, Adagbledu-Afeleyme, a community within Dzodze – the capital of the Ketu North Municipality – in the Volta Region, has been engulfed in allegations of manipulations of diabolic spirits, leading to the disappearance of the said victim.

The Duamenefa Foundation, in collaboration with traditional authorities, the National Commission for Civic Education and the Ghana Police Service, Dzodze, undertook investigations into the alleged evil acts. These investigations resulted in last Thursday’s intervention as it was evident that the diabolic deeds had set the Amanyo and allied families apart for the past 12 years.

Kpekpeve allegedly confessed to the Amanyo family that the disappearance of Connie was the result of spiritual manipulations performed by him and his elder brother, Apostle Amanyo. He claimed Connie had owed him and Apostle Amanyo an amount of money which they had deposited with him to pre-finance the burial rites of a family member. According to him, they had pursued Connie for their money, after the funeral, but he failed to redeem his indebtedness to them.

The two brothers were made to go through separate methods of investigation. Whilst Kpekpeve, who professed traditional religions, was made, by Togbui Dzoku and his council of elders, to go through traditional divination; the brother, who claimed the Christian faith, was investigated by the Intercessors of the Land, a team of pastors from the Duamenefa Foundation. They conducted their investigation according to the tenets of the Bible, the word of God.

At the end of both processes, Apostle Amanyo admitted his faults and pleaded with the Duamenefa pastors to support him with prayers in order to locate his missing brother. His younger brother, Kpekpeve, also agreed to cooperate with Togbui Dzoku’s traditionalists to perform the necessary rituals to reverse the charm.

The outcome of the intervention was very successful as the entire community is now hopeful of the return of their missing townsman.

In another development, Torgbui Elo III of Nogokpo informed the Duamenefa Foundation that Awleyikpe Gbatenu had made significant improvements. He said her condition had changed so much that she was able to mention his name, exchange greetings with him and ask him whether she had been able to mention his name before. He broke the rather heartening news to Papa Ketaman on Sunday during the Duamenefa Show.

For the background story regarding this development, read the story about Gbatenu Daku, the self-confessed wizard from Nogokpo, who bewitched his own sister.

Source: Fafaafm.com/Duamenefa Foundation

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