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Whiles the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Role Model of Christians Categorically Exalt his Followers in the Gospel According to Mark 16: 17 that “These signs shall follow them that believe in my name………”A quote which implies that anyone who believes in the name of Jesus have the authority to cast out demons, “at the mention of the name of Jesus “! But to Prophet Selorm Aboagye of Devine Pentecostal Church, with branches at Togo and Ho, the reverse is the case.

Prophet Aboagye was contacted on phone by Angel Ocloo, a native of Lasikpodzi community of Klikor – Agbozume in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region to visit the family of Madam Jessy Amegatsey and Mercy Kpodo for special prayers for their children whom they believed were behaving preposterously.

When Prophet Aboagye arrived for the said deliverance prayers he stays in the premises of Madam Angel Ocloo’ his link to conduct his rituals,  According to Jessy Amegatsey the mother one of the alleged victims of circumstances, when the victim closed from school she was asked to meet the prophet at the residence of Angel Ocloo’s.

When she arrived, the Prophet instructed her to step on his feet and she complied, the prophet there and then pronounced that the girl possesses the spirit of witchcraft and needed deliverance. According to Madam Amegatsey, the Prophet began with a prayer and requested her to go to a nearby bush and look for a type of herb known as “aviatsi”.

She located and presented the herb to the prophet Aboagye, the prophet instructed his female counterpart to prepare a special herbal bath for the victim. Immediately after the spiritual herbal bath, the agony of the victim began through very horrible and surprising manifestations of alleged demonic spirit possession whereby she bounced on a live pussy cat which belongs to Madam Angel Ocloo, the victim started struggling with the pussy cat in an attempt to kill it but failed.

She then released the innocent animal after her fruitless trial, in the course struggling with the pussy cat under demonic influence the prophet and his team left the scene of the event unceremoniously and abandoned the victim and her mother to their fresh fate.

In another development Madam Mercy Kpodo also claimed that prophet Aboagye prayed over salt and prepare a mixture of corn dough with his bare hands and asked her daughter to prepare food and eat in other to prevent a contagious disease from a sick person whom she is attending to, her daughter who eat this spiritual prepared food is now allegedly suffering from a very terrible spirit of anger as a result.

Madam Mercy Kpodo also alleges that the prophet requested for his children’s photographs and the sum of Ghc 300.00 (Three Hundred Ghana cedis) for a special prayer of deliverance for the children.  She negotiated and paid Ghc 100 advance to the prophet leaving a balance of Ghc 200.00 to be paid. Prophet Aboagye further warned her through prophetic revelation that she will die in 3 three days’ time and needed to go through spiritual processes to avert her death, she was given Ghc 5.00 by the prophet to be used as sacrifice.

Meantime 4 photographs of the children of the affected families is in the custody of the prophet for reasons best known to the prophet

Whiles the prophet admitted to have performed the spiritual baths to the victim when Duamenefa Foundation contacted them for their versions, Madam Angel Ocloo also confessed that she brought the prophet for the purposes stated above, but during broadcast the prophet and his link woman decline to speak on air. The Duamenefa Foundation is working in collaborations with the relevant stakeholders to proffer the way to salvaged the innocent families from this plague

The Duamenefa Foundation is a non-governmental organization under the auspices of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze. The Duamenefa Foundation receives petition on human right mystical abuses, investigate such petitions in collaborations with the relevant statutory organizations and broadcast same on its airwaves, the Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze.

The social intervention program airs live every Sunday at 6: 45 to 9: 45 pm, and week days Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 10 am – 12 noon. Live on the internet @ / / also on TUNEIN – Fafaa Fm                  STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT ON ALLEGATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHT ABUSE


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