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Man vomited blood after receiving ritual money

Residents of Anyako in Keta Municipality were thrown into state of shock and fear when it was alleged that Mawusi Asare, also a resident of Anyako was allegedly directed by Pastor Joseph Kwabla Johnson of Zion Love International Church at Anyako to give alms to any people she sees but not her family members in order to become a millionaire.

According to her, the Pastor told her that that was what he saw in his dream for her. The pastor told her to give the person Ghc6 in two cedis denomination.

Information gathered by Duamenefa indicated that Mawusi Asare in fulfilling the task went to one Mr Godson Amewenye’s house to give him the said Ghc 6.00 but could not find him in the house.

She explained that when she was returning, she saw Mr. Ameamu Lumor Adikah sitting quietly somewhere. She then called the Pastor on phone asking him whether to give the money to him.

According to her, the Pastor answered in the affirmative and she gives him the money.

Narrating the incident to Evangelist Ketaman, host of Duamenefa on Fafaa radio, Madam Korkor Adikah, the daughter of the victim said she got a call that her father was vomiting blood.

According to her, she quickly rushed home and took her father to the Sacred Hospital Abor.

She added that her father complained bitterly of pain in his chest and told her that he started vomiting immediately after he had collected the money from Mawusi Asare.

She vehemently denied any trace of sickness attributed to her father as Duamenefa had suggested that her father might be suffering from tuberculosis.
When Duamenefa contacted Pastor Joseph Kwabla Johnson, the General Overseer of Zion Love International Church for his side of the story, he made interesting revelations to Ketaman.

Pastor Joseph Kwabla Johnson disclosed that he had established his own Church, Zion Love International but draws his inspiration from his spiritual father Mr Limun Yamasor who did not also own a Church but used both the Holy Bible and Holy Quor’an in his dealings.

He said he was properly ordained as a pastor after attending Anackazo Light House and World of Faith Bible School where he obtained his Diploma in Bible study.

The man of God agreed that he had the dream in which he saw Mawusi Asare in rich cloth sat on a thrown like that of a billionaire with people receiving various gifts from her.

After the dream, according to him, he directed Mawusi Asare to freely give GH 6.00 in GHC2.00 to a man who was not her family member even though, he knew his directions did not conform to the teachings of the Holy Bible he claimed to be using.

Pastor Johnson sound mysterious to Ketaman, hence, he asked the man of God to back his revelations with the Bible but the man of God said ‘it is not everything that is written in the Bible’.

According to him, most of the things ‘are in the spiritual realm sighting the coming Monday as IMISAKAL NOBLONABOLY CONANFANAN CLORRY which is not written anywhere in the Bible’.

He also made mention of the right hand which has 72 secrets and our ribs having 132 secrets.

He claimed he knew why the heart beat the way it does, why human being has five fingers and other things.

All attempts to reach the woman at the centre of the whole brouhaha, Madam Mawusi Asare, proved futile.

Now the big question is ‘Is it the worldly known money ritual which is being manifested by the actions of the pastor or it’s just a mere coincidence?
For more details that will reveal the truth in finding the answer to the question, always make a date with Duamenefa on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Could it be ritual money or a mere coincidence?’ That will probably be the question gushing through your mind as it was alleged that a pastor of Zion Love International Church in Anyako in the keta municipality of the volta region’s spiritual directions allegedly landed an innocent man Mr Ameamu Lumor Adikah in a hospital at Abor as he started vomiting clots of blood immediately after he was handed GH 6.00 on February 25 2019 by Mawusi Asare a member of the said church on the directions of the pastor.




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