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The entire Volta Region is warming up for the 2019 edition of the much anticipated “Duamenefa” Regional tournament 2019.  The expectation and enthusiasm got to its peak when the regional director of sports Mr Kwame Amponfi jnr. promoted the tournament to regional status. Mr. Amponfi, upon careful examination of 77 football team competitors, 77 athletes covering 26 kilometer distant for marathon race, the caliber of people who constituted the organizing committees , the expertise deployed in making the organization a success, the caliber of referees from southern Volta referees association led by FIFA recognized referees Atimaka and Tsey , and over 20, 000 spectators who do throng the different match centers across the region where 133 matches were played over a period of three months, the celebration of winners with cash and gift items ranging from Ghc 2,000.00 to Ghc 500.00, in addition to jersey’s, football’s and other paraphernalia, the regional director has no hesitation to promote the tournament to regional event to be supported by the Ghana Football Association Volta Region

The Duamenefa Super Gala and Marathon is an annual sporting event instituted by a Private Commercial Radio called Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze in the Volta Region of Ghana with its associate Non-Governmental Organization called ” Duamenefa Foundation,” vested with the mandate to promote and foster peaceful coexistence of people within their various communities through resolution of spiritual and diabolical conflicts by means of engaging relevant stakeholders to educate the perpetrators to abide by the provisions of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana. The Duamenefa Foundation has over 14,000 registered and certified volunteers, and its membership is scattered across various communities all over the Volta Region with continuous registration of new members on daily basis, therefore the need for the “Duamenefa” regional tournament cannot be overemphasized. The following 77 football teams and 77 individual marathon athletes from different locations of the Volta Region participated in the 2018 edition and are standing by for the 2019 edition

FOOTBALL TEAM                                                          LOCATION                                                 MUNICIPALITY

1. DESERT WARRIORS                                                DZODZE                                                       KETU NORTH
2. FUTURE STARS FC                                                  KAVE                                                             KETU NORTH
3. FIRE PRAYER FC                                                     ASAFOTSEY                                                 KETU NORTH
4. NEW GENERATION FC                                          PENYI                                                           KETU NORTH
5.HANDS ARE BLESSED FC                                      DZODZE                                                      KETU NORTH
6. MIRACLE FC                                                             DZODZE                                                      KETU NORTH
7. NAZARETH FC                                                         DZODZE                                                      KETU NORTH
8. ATIVE FC                                                                   ATIVE                                                           AKATSI NORTH
9. LEAD SOCCER FC                                                   TADZEWU                                                   KETU NORTH
10. ROYAL FC                                                               DZODZE                                                       KETU NORTH
11. STONE BREAKERS FC                                        DZODZE                                                        KETU NORTH
13. YOUNG STARS FC                                               DZODZE                                                        KETU NORTH
14. SHINING STARS FC                                            AVE- XEVI                                                    AKATSI NORTH
15. ALL STARS FC                                                      DZODZE                                                         KETU NORTH
16. FIAGBEDU FC                                                      DZODZE                                                         KETU NORTH
17. GREAT UNITED FC                                             WEME                                                            KETA MUNICIPAL
18. SHOOTING STARS FC                                        SASIEME                                                       KETA MUNICIPAL
19. DOLLAR FC                                                           ABOR                                                              KETA MUNICIPAL
20. GOLDEN STARS                                                  KUTSIME                                                      KETA MUNICIPAL
21. KICKERS FC                                                         AKATSI                                                           AKATSI DISTRICT
22. HARD LION FC                                                   ABOR                                                              KETA MUNICIPAL
23. ATIAVI FC                                                            ATIAVI                                                            KETA MUNICIPAL
24. LIBERTY FC                                                        ATIAVI                                                            KETA MUNICIPAL
25. SHINING STARS FC                                         AVE- AFIADENYIGBA                                AKATSI NORTH
26. DRAGON FC                                                      AGORVINU                                                    KETA MUNICIPAL
27. VICTORY FC                                                      ATIAVI                                                            KETA MUNICIPAL
28. ANANCODA FC                                               REPUBLIC OF TOGO                                   TOGO
29. AZAR FC                                                            REPUBLIC OF TOGO                                   TOGO
30. ESPERANZA FC                                               REPUBLIC OF TOGO                                  TOGO
31. REQUINS FC                                                     REPUBLIC OF TOGO                                  TOGO
32. LADIES UNITED                                              KUTSINU                                                      AKATSI SOUTH
33. DORNORMADI LADIES                                 DORNORMADI                                           KETU NORTH
34. QUEENS FC                                                        KETA                                                             KETA MUNICIPAL
35. ANLO LADIES                                                   WOE                                                               KETA MUNICIPAL
36. ADINGO BABIES FC                                        HATSUKORPE AFLAO                             KETU SOUTH
37. WINNER’S FC                                                    DETOKORPE – AFLAO                            KETU SOUTH
38. KPOGEDI FC                                                      KPOGEDI – AFLAO                                  KETU SOUTH
39.HOME STARS FC                                               WUDOABA – KETU SOUTH                 KETU SOUTH
40. SACKPHINE ACADEMY                                  KPOGLU                                                   KETU SOUTH
41. MILITARY FC                                                      AFLAO                                                      KETU SOUTH
42. UNITED WARRIORS FC                                  ANLO AFIADENYIGBA                      KETA MUNICIPAL
43. POLITE FC                                                          ADINA                                                  KETA MUNICIPAL
44. SKYLIGHT FC                                                    KETA                                                       KETA MUNICIPAL
45. EAGLE UNITED FC                                          KETA                                                    KETA MUNICIPAL
46. COASTAL WARRIORS FC                                      TENGEYKORPE                        KETA MUNICIPAL
47. AIR FORCE STARS                                                     TENGEYKORPE                      KETA MUNICIPAL
48. ANLO KOTSIKLOLO FC                                                   ANLOGA                            KETA MUNICIPAL
49. IRON BREAKERS FC                                              AFIFE AGORDEKE                  KETU NORTH
50. MARKET FC                                                                         AFIFE                               KETU NORTH
51. STRONG FC                                                              AFORNYAGA AFIFE               KETU NORTH
52. SURVIVING FC                                                               OHAWU                             KETU NORTH
53. SOLID STARS FC                                                           OHAWU                              KETU NORTH
54. 75 BULLET FC                                                                  AWALAVI                         KETU NORTH
55. SIMPLE STARS FC                                                          ATSIKPE                          AKATSI SOUTH
56. BARYON FC                                                                         VUME                            KETU NORTH
57. UNITED BOMBERS FC                                                      TSIYINU                          KETU NORTH
58. NEBIS FC                                                                              EHI                                KETU NORTH
59. MIGHTY ROVERS  FC                                                         DEKPOR                        KETU NORTH
60. YOUNG AND MAKING IT FC                                                   EHI                             KETU NORTH
61. ARNALDO FC                                                                  HORMEGOBO                   AKATSI SOUTH
62. EXIE SHINNING STARS FC                                                EHIE                                KETU NORTH
63. UNITED FC OF WETA                                                         WETA                              KETU NORTH
64. KLENORMADI BAFANA FC                                               KLENORMADI                  KETU NORTH
65. FAITHFUL FC                                                                       EHIE                                KETU NORTH
66. GALAXY FC                                                                          DABALLA                      SOUTH TONGU
67. DIAMOND BOYS                                                              TONGU                              SOUTH TONGU
68. CORNERSTONE FC                                                          TONGU                            SOUTH TONGU
69. NEW ZAGA WALATA FC                                                  ADZORTSI                         KETU NORTH
70. XIPE UNITED FC                                                                 XIPE                                KETU NORTH
71. MOUNTAIN STARS FC                                                    NOGOKPO                          KETU SOUTH
72. PEACE MAKERS FC                                                       GLIDZI KETU                       KETU SOUTH
73. YOUNG STARS FC                                                       DODORKORPE                      KETU SOUTH
74. WINNING MACHINE FC                                                  AGBOZUME                         KETU SOUTH
75. YOUNG STARS FC                                                  AFUTA GANUKORPE                 KETU SOUTH
76. AMBASSADOR FC                                                     AGBOZUME                              KETU SOUTH
77. FREEDOM STARS FC                                                  AGBOZUME                            KETU SOUTH

It is expected that over 120 football teams within the Volta Region would participate in this year’s tournament while over 100 athletes is also expected as against the 77 numbers of the year 2018

During the media launching of the 2019 edition on the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 Fm, the regional director of sports reiterated the commitment of the regional sports council to support the tournament, Mr Amponfi confirmed this to the Honorable Member of Parliament of the Ketu North Municipal, Hon.James Klutsey Avedzi and Honorable Richard Quashigah Member of Parliament of the Keta Municipality. The two members of parliament express their gratitude to the regional director of sports for promoting the tournament to regional status, they also pledged to rally support towards the success of the tournament this year. The regional director of sports and the two members of parliament collectively prayed to the almighty God with declaration to officially launch the 2019 edition in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The 2019 edition was therefore declared officially launched at exactly 8:15 pm on the airwaves of Fafaa 100,3 Fm Dzodze, on Sunday the 17th day of March, 2019, making way for the sale of forms from March to end of April, fixing and fixtures would take place in the month of May whiles the competition is expected to  begin at the middle of June to September 2019

Other relevant stakeholders who participated in the media launching were, Togbi James Ocloo, the divisional chief of Keta, Togbi Kpemini Gawu of Whuti, Togbi Dzoku of Dzodze Adagbledu and Togbi Agbeve Ayrim of Tadzewu, the traditional rulers pledged their support and also encourage youths of the various traditional areas to participate in the tournament

The executive director of the Community Enhancement Foundation, Madam Caroline Kudah–Parker who is one of the key sponsors of the tournament since 2017 was also on air during the media launching to express support to participants of the tournament, she emphasized that her foundation would continually back the Duamenefa Foundation to support the upliftment of the youth in this regard

The 2019 regional tournament has the kind support of The Member of the Council of States Representing the Volta Region. His Eminence Person Hon Chief Francis Albert Nyonyo, the Awormefia of Anlo Kingdom, Togbi Sri III,  the Deputy Minister of Information, Hon. Pius Enam  Hadzide, The Municipal Chief Executive of Ketu North Hon. Anthony Avorgbedor, representatives of MMDCEs and over 50 traditional rulers from various traditional areas of the Volta Region

The media launching symbolizes the official launching of the 2019 edition of the tournament, the registrations forms for the marathon and gala is located at different media houses of the Volta Region, i.e. Jubilee Radio Keta, Kekeli Radio, Ho, Heritage Fm Hohoe, Freedom Fm Sogakorpe and other vantage points within the Volta Region. The aforementioned media houses are key collaborators

Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe who double as the Chief Executive Officer of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze, and the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation, played host to the media launching of the tournament, Mr. Ketaman used the opportunity to appeal to all stakeholders of the tournament among them are the Ghana Police Force, The Ghana Immigration Service, The Ghana Customs, The Bureau of National Investigations, the Ghana Fire Service, the Ambulance Service, the Ghana Red Cross, Mr. Patrick Doamekpor, who is an associate of the Duamenefa Foundation resident in the USA, and making good effort to unearth the hidden talents embedded in the youth and marketing same to the outside world, the FP sports, one of the official scouts of the tournament, to collectively put all hands on deck to uplift and promote the Volta Region in the field of sports.

Watch out for further updates as the event unfolds

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