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In a petition dated 26th January 2019, the cries of a trader; Mrs. Nyakpo Dorah got the attention of Duamenefa Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation under the auspices of Fafaa 100.3 FM in Dzodze Adagbledu of the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region.

The Duamenefa foundation conducted its independent investigations into the substance of the allegations and compelled upon the relevant stakeholders such as the traditional rulers who has the constitutional mandate of traditional arbitration, the municipal director of the National Commission for Civic Education and the Ghana Police Service Dzodze division  to sit on the matter during a public arbitration where over 1000 people gathered to witness the spiritual investigations under the leadership of the traditional rulers. Whiles the NCCE director of the Ketu North Municipality, Mr. Prosper Apealetey interprets the constitutional provisions and modules for traditional arbitration; the police were duly notified and invited in line with the public order act.

The public arbitration took place under the supervision of the following traditional rulers Torgbui Atsu Dzesu III, Torgbui Avorkliya, Torgbui Akutu II, Torgbui Atiwoto, Torgbui Vodzi VI, Mama Bubuyabu, and Fiatorna Torgbui Dzoku V. The day witnessed a display of the art of spiritual investigation by traditional chiefsat Apeyime in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana, a community where the livelihood of the people depends on petty trading and farming.

The day witnessed a display of the art of spiritual investigation by traditional chiefs, their line of questioning made Mr. Dzigbordi Tofa who initially denied responsibility over the spell he allegedly cast on his niece Nyakpo Dorah.  According to the petition Dora Nyakpo was threatened that she would go mad and beg for alms before she eats, the manifestations of the spell was so real such that Dora is seen at odd hours of the night with bag and baggage to trade where there is no market, her means of livelihood has suffered same spiritual attack allegedly.

Dora’s predicament begun when she assisted her uncle with a single room apartment in her late mother’s house, when the uncle had an accommodation problem. But few months after moving into the house, the uncle tried putting up measures to take over the house by moving into another apartment which she objected, and her objection to give him another apartment trigged Tofa Dzigbordi to cast the spell and as a results her mental illness begun. Eye witnesses confirmed that Dora does things unexpectedly and behaves abnormally, among them was Mr Sakora Afro whosafeguarded her on a particular occasion from running out of the house at midnight to trade.

TofahDzigbordi was led through interrogations in line with traditional arbitration norms in the presence of the aforementioned stakeholders. He was impressed upon to reverse the spiritual plague.

Through the timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation and the traditional rulers, peace was restored and DorahNyakpo’s health has been restored. The intervention which lasted for more than 7 hours was relayed live on Fafaa 100.3 Fm,

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By: Kekeli Blamey/Fafaa Institute of Media and Professional Studies

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