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Anumah Yali, an alleged Ritualist and Hitman gave His life to Jesus

Anumah Yali, the alleged ritualist and Hitman of Dzita gave his life to Jesus Christ and totally surrendered his idols for destruction.

After so much bad news coming from Dzita, it was a breath of fresh air and hope to hear something great was happening.

A petition was sent to FAFAA FM and the Duamenefa Foundation to help resolve an unsolved case which the police and the traditional rulers were unable to unravel, Evangelist Ketaman Evortepe and the Duamenefa teams stepped in and began digging. By the wisdom and grace of God, new revelations were coming to light and people were reporting previously hidden information.

Through these sources, and deep investigations, several perpetrators were identified and more than a few were apprehended by the police and incarcerated.

The alleged ritualist and kingpin knew things were changing. As he fell asleep one night, the Lord God appeared to him telling him he needs to be very thankful to Duamenefa Foundation for saving his life. He was told by God Himself to repent and give his life to Jesus. He awakened startled and told his wives, then went back to sleep and forgot about the vision until they narrated to him that he said he said he had to speak to a pastor.

A team of pastors came and Anumah Yali not only gave his life to Christ in true repentance, but revealed his many idols which he insisted be destroyed.

This was the beginning of a true break for the Dzita area coming only a few days after a gathering of over 2000 prayed and interceded on the beach for this community.

Source: news editor in chief

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