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BREAKING NEWS!!! Woman Tied Ready for Ritual Sacrifice!

A Report reaching the “Duamenefa” Fafaa 100.3 FM and also Jubilee 106.9 FM has it that a woman was found tied to a bed in a room located at Dzita Agbledomi, a house popularly called Accra Number 2 owned by one Victor Amegakpo.

The Keta Police command got a tip off and moved to the rescue of the victim. The police untied the woman who was almost naked allegedly waiting to be sacrificed. A large crowd of over 2000 people gathered to witness the scene.

When anchor of the “Duamenefa” program Mr. Ketaman Emmanuel Evortepe connected the 3 major radio stations in the Volta Region, Jubilee 106.9 FM, Fafaa 100.3 FM and Kekeli Radio of Ho, to interview Mr. Victor Amegakpo, the man who is alleged to have tied the woman readily for sacrifices, he claimed that he was trained as a Nigerian customs officer and later resigned from the Badagry division of the Nigerian Customs Service, due to a prophecy over his life by prophet TB Joshua. Victor also claimed that he became the personal driver of prophet TB Joshua and later became a transport owner. He now transports people between Ghana and Nigeria to the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Victor claimed that he has never been involved in ritual blood money venture, that we should find out from a cousin of his by the name “Togbi”, who is in litigation with him over the said property.

He agreed to surrender to the Keta Police Command for further investigation and interrogation on this matter.

Keep your dial logged into the Duamenefa program for further devel0pments on this matter.

Section of the crowd at Dzita to witness a woman allegedly confined into a room in a house popularly called Accra house No 2. The Anloga District Police Commander and his boys took the victim to the Keta Municipal Hospital for medical treatment.


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In a related development…

Youths of Dzita have pulled down a 2 bedroom house of the mother of the man in whose room the woman has been found at Akortsite – Moryeyeanu.

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Source: news editor in chief

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  1. Kukuia Selassie

    You are doing great job for ewe land God bless you and your family thanks

  2. Duamenefa you are doing a great job.More grace and wisdom from God to you all

  3. Mr. Amegahkpo must be well questioned on this matters.

  4. is ture dem trie de women l just found her on ma phone too poor women God shld help her to be save.

  5. Please they have to arrest all the members in house
    This is too bad

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmm
    Wel need God’s interventions on these particular matters. But, one day God will expose them

  7. The one that committed this crime must be punished severely because that person has infringe the right of the victim . Thank you

  8. Ernest Jackson Atsu

    Which can of people are we living in society? Oh my God

  9. the man that tied the woman should be made to face the book
    ketaman we congratulate you for the good working work you are doing in our land, we also prayed that you live long that people question weather you are the walking dead. thank you and your team.

  10. Dzita agbledomi is where both my parent come from because killing i stop going there so i pray that peace will prevaile congratulation ketaman

  11. Good work Mr Emmanuel and his team

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