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The Duamenefa Regional Tournament has officially started!

The Duamenefa Regional Tournament opening ceremonies began at 5:00am on the field of the Dzodze-Penyi High School. Ketaman Emmanuel Evortepe, Executive President of Duamenefa Foundation and CEO of FAFAA 100.3 FM radio, Dzodze led the time of great declarations and testimonies, with much prayer and thanksgiving to God for all He had done to bring this tournament to where it is with the promise of greater things to come. The Duamenefa team, pastors and leaders were present to celebrate and share in the opening of this event. Mr. Evortepe declared that the time has finally come for the stakeholders of the Volta Region to join hands with the foundation to unearth the hidden talents embedded in the youth and market same to mother Ghana and the world at large. On behalf of the Regional Directorate of Sports, the RFA, the Ghana Police Service, the Traditional Authorities, The MP s, the MMDCEs, The Christian Council, the BNI, he declared a bright future for the Volta Region to become the hub of sporting activities in Ghana. The Duamenefa Regional Tournament was declared open on behalf of all relevant stakeholders at exactly 6:30 am, 8th June, 2019.

By 9:00am thousands of souls had gathered to witness the FIRE of Duamenefa Regional Tournament kick start! The teams came out to play hard and competed with gusto. The first match proved this when the Dzodze Nazareth FC pitted against the Ative FC scored the first goal within the first two minutes of play. The goalies showed their prowess and came back with a strong defence; the winner, Nazareth FC holding their lead for the remainder of the game over Ative FC 1:0.

The Ative Team ready for faceoff with Dzodze Nazareth FC

During this match several chiefs including: Togbi Ashiagbor IV, Weta Traditional Area, Togbi Xedihor IV a  divisional chief of Agave Traditional Area, Togbi Dzoku V, of Dzodze, Togbi Peti, Togbi Esso, Togbi Bedi Ahadzi, of Ehi, Bedikorpe Mama Ahlayi of Klikor, Togbi Egeh among others came to watch the match and throw their support behind this regional tournament, also known as the “Olympics of the Volta Region”. The tournament will continue with 104 teams competing until the finale on the 16th November 2019.

Togbi Ashiagbor IV, Weta Traditional Area

The Tamekorpe Stone Breakers and the Shooting Starts of Ashiagborvi took over for the second match which was played with the drive of a bulldozer to win as they competed in a back and forth, however, the Stone Breakers showed their upper hand outscoring to beat the Shooting Stars 2:0.

The Stone Breakers of Tamekorpe line up for their first match.

During the second match, the ranking Member of Parliament Hon. Dr. James Klutsey Avedzi, who has thrown his support behind this tournament in donations of footballs, team jerseys and 100 GhC cash to each of the 41 teams of Ketu North came to see the special curtain raiser.

The Curtain Raiser was two visually impaired teams, the Red Lions of Volta vs the Thunder Bolt of Greater Accra(with both a women’s and men’s division) facing off to complete in the sport of goalball which was a real crowd pleaser. As the teams made their way onto the field, the crowd stood to watch this unusual site. The Volta team came out singing, danced and enjoyed their time in the limelight and there was no less attention given as the Greater Accra team came onto the field.

The people watched closely as the first visually impaired team came onto the field dancing, singing and marching.

The Thunderbolts of Great Accra – Blue

The Red Lions of Volta

As the games began, the spectators, once understanding the simple rules and objectives, got into it cheering for their team. The women’s match was a high scoring event with a final score of 18:12. A brief halftime show brought laughter and amazement as two blind men played a one-on-one match of football even scoring a goal.

The men’s Volta team took an early lead, scoring five (5) unanswered goals, but the Greater Accra team would not be denied and once scoring began, their drive was almost too much for the Volta team. The end of match had them tied  8:8. A last ditch effort to score a penalty goal failed to bring the win to the Volta team. Cheers from the crowds endorsing the efforts of these noble players and proving that this handicap was not going to keep these men and women down in life.

Back to tournament play as the third match between the Ative FC and the Tamekorpe Stone Breakers ended up with a close 0:1, the Stonebreakers gaining their second win of the day.

In the next match, the Shooting Stars played the favored Nazareth FC, but the fourth match showed the Nazareth superiority when they handily beat the Shooting Stars 3:0.

The Ative FC also showed their hunger to win as they overcame the Shooting Stars 3:0 in the fifth match.

In the final competition of the day, Nazareth FC could not score against the Tamekope Stone Breakers as the defence again took control on both sides of the field and the game ended in a 0:0 tie.

The Standings after Group A:

Nazareth FC ……. 7 + 4

Stone Breakers .. 7 + 3

Ative FC …………. 3 +1

Shooting Stars …. 0 -8

Top Scorers

  1. Vifah Ben (Nazareth) 3
  2. Albert Dodzi (Stone Breakers) 2
  3. Stephen Gerrard (Ative) 2
  4. Atsiavor Wisdom (Nazareth) 1
  5. Stephen Kporvuvu (Ative) 1
  6. John Alorwordor (Stone Breakers) 1

Group B set to play today, Sunday 9th of June

Kave Future

Netikope Bullet

Awlikope S

Metsrikasa S.

Group B Matches

  1. Future Stars vs Netikope Bullet 7 FC
  2. Shining Stars vs Soccer Readers
  3. Netikope Bullet 7 FC vs Shining Starts
  4. Soccer Readers vs Kave Future Stars
  5. Netikope Bullet 7 FC vs Soccer Readers
  6. Kave Future Stars vs. Shining Stars

Many thousands of people came out in support of Duamenefa Regional Tournament and its youth. We encourage people everywhere in the area and outside to come and witness these great events which bring positive change in the lives of our youth. Come out and support our youth.


The Crowds came out for the kick start.


Source: news editor in chief

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