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The above question desires an answer from those who are vested with traditional and spiritual prowess to unravel unto the people of Dzodze Afiadenyigba, in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region. The “Duamenefa” Social Human Rights Intervention program of Fafaa 100.3 FM received a petition for urgent investigations and intervention into the plight of one Madam Gladys Azameti, who claimed in her petition that her uncle, Mr. Kwasi Dzaka popularly known as CK did charm Ghc 10.00 and gave unto her through a mobile money transfer with the intention to seduce her into sexual relationships through spiritual means allegedly. The said amount of money she collected in addition to Ghc 5 worth of bananas she requested the uncle to buy for her has resulted in a spiritual dilemma she is currently undergoing.

According to Gladys, upon receiving the money, she lost her sexual desires for her husband but for CK she has strong sexual desires.

The family tried to mediate into the matter through spiritual divinations and consultations according to their faith as traditional deity practitioners. According to the family spokesperson, revelations from their spiritual consultation reveals that there were certain romantic discussions between the two, CK and Gladys, “turn your back let me see, and have you been engaged in an artistic display of raising legs during intercourse?” allegedly, an issue the family tradition frowns upon as taboo, and according to the taboo, the results of such discussions between a married woman and her uncle is considered sacrilegious and tantamount to the consequences of mental agony and in most cases total insanity on the part of the woman.

The family leader spokesperson, Mr. Anthony Akagla, who narrated the ordeal of Gladys on the Duamenefa program of Fafaa 100.3 FM, has it that the family sat on the matter and upon careful investigations and interrogations with CK and the victim, who is presently behaving abnormally, the uncle CK did approach her with such romantic language contrary to the family tradition and as a result their daughter is now undergoing terrible spiritual ailments.

Prior to airing the news , the Fafaa FM team had good  interrogations and investigations with Mr. CK over the allegations with the intent of persuasions for resolution of the matter with the family, but all efforts in this regards proved abortive. The Duamenefa team having substantiated the veracity of these allegations against Mr. CK has no choice but to air the news for total intervention from relevant state institutions, although CK was very hostile to the team while off air, the team has no choice than to save the life of the alleged victim of circumstances.

The traditional ruler of Dzodze Afiadenyigba, Togbi Godor also corroborated the position of the family spokesperson. According to Togbi, CK has turned down all family approaches towards the resolution of the matter amicably without the public knowledge

Togbi Godor, mentioned during the program that, the tradition requires Mr. CK’s pocket money as part of the contributions that would secure items to perform the traditional rites necessary to reverse the curse, when CK was called in his right of response to the families allegations, he was not comfortable with the questions, he was using idiomatic expressions to answer and narrate his version of the story 

 The program host, Mr. Ketaman Evortepe called an expert who is vested with the interpretations of the 1992 constitution of Ghana, the rtd. Director of Ketu North NCCE, Mr. Francis Gotta to give directions on the matter. Mr. Gotta, educated the family through Togbi Godor to officially summon CK with their traditional staff of office as enshrined in the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana, in matters of traditional arbitration according to the chieftaincy act, to resummon Mr. CK for amicable reversal of this alleged spiritual curse. Failure to respond to the summon could be deemed as contempt, subject to prosecution in a court of competent jurisdiction.

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