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There was a great relief to single parents from all walks of life within the Volta Region when Treasures of His Eyes, a nonprofit organization based in the UK whose core objective is to promote skill empowerment and training for single parents, collaborates with the Duamenefa Foundation, another nonprofit organization based in Ghana with the objective to promote peaceful coexistence of people in their various communities, to organize a one day seminar for single parents. The event took place in the premises of Fafaa 100.3 Fm, Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipal Capital of the Volta Region of Ghana, with over 300 single parents as participants.

Treasures of His Eyes UK has a long standing relationship with the people of Ghana through the Duamenefa Foundation. They have succeeded in empowering a lot of single parents on records through the provision of training and donations of equipment to eligible single parents to enable secure the future of their families; therefore, among the participants were benefactors of the equipment from the Treasures of His Eyes UK.

Present at the seminar were Madam. Adefunke Adeoye, the international coordinator of the Treasures of His Eyes, UK, the guest speaker and the program organizing coordinator, Rev. Diane Westcott, the Executive President of Mawuena Ministries, USA / Ghana,  Rev. Mrs. Theresa Govina- Seckey, Mr Francis Gottah, Dravie Raymond Romeo, members of the Duamenefa Foundation among others.


 The seminar began with an opening prayer by Pastor Abusah, followed by Rev. Diane Westcott (Pastor Mawuena) who gave a short word of encouragement to the participants. The international coordinator of the Treasures of His Eyes Madam. Adefunke Adeoye dwelt her presentation on John chapter 4.  She stressed the point that though they were single with children, they had not yet married five husbands; she referred the love of Jesus toward the woman at the well who had been married five times and was living in sin, but Jesus was compassionate towards her plight.  She used her personal experience to teach the participants, in summary, challenges and struggles mean something to God and at times God allowed us to go through challenges for reasons best known unto God , and God rewards perseverance, and  God will be as faithful to each of them as He was toward the woman at “the well”.

Next was an open forum which was very interesting as members share their worth of experience as single parents. The benefactors of equipment from Treasures of His Eyes were not left out, even as they were full of praises to the Treasures Of His Eyes UK, most of them testify that the equipment has brought a lot of relief to their families. They now have a job and can take care of the needs of their children without going to borrow from sources. They offered their prayers to God for the board of governor’s management and staff of Treasures of His Eyes, UK. 

Rev. Mrs. Theresa Govina – Seake, a professional marriage counselor buttressed the presentations and reemphasized the need to hold unto the strategies enumerated by the Guest Speaker of the Treasures of His Eyes, because the lessons were of much benefit to her too. In addition, she exposed the dangers of the HIV Aids pandemic, and encouraged the single parents to conduct their moral lives devoid of sexual promiscuity.



A medical team of nurses was on hand from St. Anthony’s Hospital, Dzodze to conduct free health screening for all participants, blood pressure, temperatures, cholesterol, and height and weight checks were carried as part of the health screening procedures and processes. Many people were found with high blood pressure and needed medicine to help get that regulated; first aid was quickly prescribed and help was provided Fafaa 100.3 Fm to cater for the worst conditions. 


Free distribution of clothing’s was facilitated by the kind courtesy of Rev. Diane Westcott through the Duamenefa Foundation to all participants; some nurses went beyond their task and stayed to help with the distributions until almost 6pm.

The seminar which started as early as 10 am came to a close at about 6:30 pm with the distribution of clothings, although there was a bit of struggle for cloths during distribution; the situation was brought under control through the kind intervention of nurses of St Anthony Hospital Dzodze.

Madam Adefunke Adeoye, the international coordinator of the Treasures of His Eyes UK appreciates the corporate collaborations of the Duamenefa Foundation, The St. Anthony’s Hospital, Mawuena Ministries USA / Ghana towards the success of the one day event, it was a day to be remembered by the participating single parents of the Volta Region of Ghana, she has since left for the United Kingdom.

Source: news editor in chief 

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    Thank you Torgbui Keta-man and your teams for the great jobs you are doing for we the people of Volta. May God be with you all.Amen

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