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Mama Togbenu


Unto the people of Dzelukope in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region of the republic of Ghana, the 26th day of June would remain historic in their annals as the day that has put to rest the strange allegations of a mother who shaved the private parts of her son of 32 years old for ritual pacification of the gods.
Mama Togbenu, a renown fetish priest who is known by the people of Dzelukope as a no-nonsense woman who would do and undo at the slightest provocation due to her spiritual prowess, has confirmed to the chiefs and people of Dzelukope that she did shave the private parts of her son, and also removed his finger nails as custom demands to enable her to block his spiritual grave, else her son would have died.
Many people were grieved when issue was first mentioned on the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 FM during the Duamenefa intervention program, teacher John publicly accused the mother of many spiritual afflictions he is suffering. He accused the mother of invoking the wrath of the gods upon his life, marrying him to a woman who is considered by the mother as his grandmother reincarnate, seeing the mother with other spirit beings attempting to sleep beside him in the night among other allegations of spiritual attacks which rendered him a graduate teacher very sick under the torments of the powers of darkness.
A mammoth crowd of over 5,000 people gathered to witness the intervention to rescue teacher John from the allegations of human right abuse and infringement of his fundamental rights.

Traditional rulers

Large Crowd of over 5,000 turns out to watch the proceedings


 Teacher John allegedly suffered loss of hearing, now deaf and dumb, but the dumbness was restored after prayer interventions.
Teacher John
Teacher John’s body had been pierced with objects such as pins and needles and hot kernel oil poured into his ear drums by certain deity practitioners contracted by the mother to perform spiritual manipulations to reverse the curse of the gods placed upon him by the mother.
During the course of intervention, the mother claimed that teacher John struggled with her and she fell and broke her joints when they had a misunderstanding, hence the gods she serves have fought the son on her behalf.
Teacher John Quao would leave the classroom during class hours to find himself in a secluded place where he behaves as if unseen spirits are chasing him. He would be seen shouting at times and soliloquizing.
Teacher John was taken through Orthodox medical tests, but the results proved abortive.
According to teacher John, the mother lured him into an amorous relationship with a particular woman who the mother claimed is his grandmother reincarnate, an allegation the mother admitted, but in a twist of events the  mother turned around to accuse the supposed wife, who she claimed is the grandmother of teacher John now reincarnate, to be the one bewitching the son.
Whereas teacher John Quao also alleges that the mother married him spiritually, that he sees the mother and other spirit beings in a nude manner lying beside him when he is sleeping.
The mother of teacher John petitioned the Duamenefa Foundation to intervention and rescue the son from the allegations of spiritual attacks, according to Mama Torgbenu, she believes that the supposed wife was the one who bewitched and sentence the son to spiritual imprisonment.

The Duamenefa Foundation led by its Executive President and CEO of Fafaa FM Dzodze, Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, studied the petition and decided to intervene and rescue teacher John from the claws and clutches of the powers of darkness.
During the course of investigations, it became apparent that the mother was directly responsible by various degrees of findings and accusations leveled against her by her associate deity practitioners, hence the Duamenefa Foundation through its Fafaa 100.3 FM quickly referred the matter to the traditional rulers of Dzelukope Keta, where the incidence took place.
Torgbui James Ocloo the divisional chief of Keta led a team of chiefs clad in their chieftaincy regalia, surrounded by a host of community leaders and the assembly member of Dzelukope, Hon. Foxman Doe Williams. The public arbitration took place at Alata, and was hosted by Torgbui Gatsiko, who was delegated by Torgbui Dzelu to sit in his stead.
During the traditional arbitration, Mama Togbenu was subjected to a rigorous traditional investigations through questions and answer sessions.
Mama Togbenu  implicated Hunua, Negbegble Yibortor, Hunua Ngoli Kumedzro, Hunua Yeluwa and Bokor Dzikunu, four traditional deity practitioners as her associates who conducted spiritual investigations to diagnose the son out of his predicament.
The four deity practitioners disassociated themselves from Mama Togbenu’s claims and told the panel of traditional jurist that, per their traditional spiritual investigations, it was revealed unto them that Mama Togbenu is directly responsible for her son’s spiritual afflictions, as a results of her invocation of the wrath of the gods.
The Duamenefa team of Fafaa 100.3 FM supported the chiefs to interrogate Mama Togbenu, and she was finally compelled to reverse the curse of the gods and also hand over the “Ifa divinition god” she had initiated against teacher John, back to the family members for further investigations and possible destruction.
The authorities of the NCCE, bemoaned the attitude of Mama Togbenu and the general public including all deity practitioners present, who were then educated by Mr. Godwin Agbeny and Mr. Francis Gota to abide by the provisions of the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana.
They cautioned that failure to secure an operating licence is an offence before the law. Invocation of the wrath of the gods attracts a penalty and initiations against the wish of the individual as well as shaving the private parts of an adult is an infringement on the fundamental human rights, as of teacher John Quao. The general public was educated to understand that ignorance of the law is no excuse before the law.
They cautioned the deity practitioners that the timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation through its medium, the Fafaa 100.3 FM, in corporate collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE Keta, headed by Mr. Godwin Agbenyo, the team of policemen from the Keta Police divisional command under the leadership of ACP Alexander Amenyo, associates of the Duamenefa Foundation, Hunua Togbee Gbeti, Mr. Francis Gotta who doubles as the administrator of the foundation coupled with the maximum support of the general public from far and near has made it possible to the rescue of  teacher John Quao from the torment and demonic torture.
The program was brought to an end with a prayer of deliverance led by intercessory pastors of the Duamenefa Foundation, among them were Reverend Saviour Seth Bakah, Reverend Bleame and Reverend Gabriel Dokli.
The crowd of people who witnessed the intervention sang their praises to God almighty and also commended the efforts of the Duamenefa Foundation through it’s Fafaa 100.3 FM in resolving spiritual conflicts of higher dimensions.
Source: www.duamenefafoundation.org news editor in chief

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