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The Mysterious Dog Calamity

The Duamenefa Foundation in collaborations with the traditional rulers of Woe, Togbi Samlafo III of Anloga, Agbotadua Togbi Boni of Awormefia traditional court, Dumega Galley of Anloga, Chief Linguist, Mr. Paul Deku and host of other traditional rulers, Chief Fisherman, Mr. Calamity, the Assembly man, Hon Emmanuel Dordor and the Interventionists from the Duamenefa Foundation, the unit committee members of Woe Kaklokorpe, the Ghana Police Service Keta Divisional Command, under the able command of ACP Alexander Amenyo, the National Commission for Civic Education, led by the Municipal Director, Mr Godwin Agbenyo, with a teaming gathering of people from far and near were on the ground this morning at Woe to witness the traditional arbitration Mr. Atsuvia Matha, a local mason claimed that the death of Mr. PK Dotsey was as a result of the fact that, he, PK Dotsey pursued his spiritual guard dog until the dog was hit by a moving vehicle, then PK Dotsey used the dead dog for a peppery soup.

According to Mr. Atsuvia Matha, his dog was under spiritual guard of the “gods”, in otherwise, the dog belongs to a deity, and hence PK Dotsey has to die in the same way the dog died. Mr Atsuvia made this confession to the families of Dotsey and Amekudzie during the funeral ceremonies of Mr PK Dotsey.

The family summoned Mr Atsuvia Matha before the arbitration court of Togbi Samlafo to explain the reasons behind his diabolical manipulation which led to the death of their son, but Atsuvia Matha refused to honor the summons by the traditional ruler.

The family thought it wise to petition the Duamenefa Foundation an NGO made up of over 15,000 volunteers who has the mandate to investigate and intervene into allegations of spiritual and diabolical manipulations that infringe on the fundamental human rights of the citizens in their various communities of the Volta Region and beyond. Through its Executive President, Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the foundation carried independent investigations into the allegations, and being satisfied with the veracity of the allegations per its findings, the matter was publish on the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 FM for public intervention and education. The matter was quickly referred back to the palace of Togbi Samlafo for public traditional arbitration to enable reversal of the spiritual curse. The gravity of the allegations has compelled the relevant stakeholders to the venue of the arbitration for possible intervention to reverse the curse.

During the traditional arbitration, Mr. Matha reiterated the fact that the families of the late PK Dotsey has to pacify his gods who were on the revenge. It is on record that one week after the death of PK Dotsey, another family member also died mysteriously and now at the morgue awaiting burial, hence the urgency attached to the Duamenefa Foundation’s interventions mechanism to avert further strange deaths within the family cannot be overemphasized.

The collaboration effort of the aforementioned stakeholders has yielded the desired results. The panel of chiefs recline to consultation and came out with the verdict that, Mr. ATSUVIA MATHA has faulted per the education of the NCCE directorate which pointed out that, animals rearing needs to be done under a special care and protection, but in the case of Mr. Atsuvia the reverse was the case. Mr. Atsuvia has to reverse the curse of the gods immediately as a matter of urgency to avert further calamity.

The family of the deceased were also blamed for allowing the controversies between Atsuvia and PK Dotsey, who are relatives, to protract until the gods began to avenge, whereas the matter was duly reported to the mother of the deceased by Mr. Atsuvia Matha, the family were made to provide another living dog and the sum of Ghc 200.00 to enable Mr. Atsuvia Matha to pacify his gods and replace the dog.

The gathering of over 3,000 people who witnessed the intervention praised the name of God Almighty for the timely interventions of the Duamenefa Foundation and the aforementioned stakeholders in resolving and reversing this Spiritual calamity.

Source: news editor in chief

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