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Duamenefa Regional Tournament! The men are not the only hungry competitors!

The ongoing Duamenefa Regional Tournament has brought a lot of spectators across the length and breadth of Ghana and the Republic of Togo to witness the ladies matches on Saturday and Sunday, 6 & 7 of July at Abor in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region.

The lovely people of Abor were very much impressed as they witnessed the eight female teams; Ave Shinning Ladies, Anlo Ladies, Dzita Dream Big Girls, Keta Queens, Klenormadi Bafana Ladies, Dornormadi Professional Ladies and Kutsinu Ladies United on Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately Klikor Forest Sacree Ladies did not turn up.


For the first match of the day the Ave Shinning Ladies locked horns with their rivals Anlo Ladies of Woe and the match was very competitive for both sides. By the end, both sides conceded one goal each and the point was shared equally between them.

Again, the Ave Shinning Ladies met their group A counterpart, the Dzita Dream Big Girls and at the end of the 50 minutes, Ave Shinning Ladies were able to score four goals to nil.

The final match of the day was between Dzita Dream Big Girls and Anlo Ladies. The Anlo Ladies took the match as if it was their grand finale as they managed to score four goals to nil against Dzita Dream Big Ladies.

The Anlo Ladies and Ave Shinning Ladies qualified to the semi-finals in the ongoing Duamenefa Regional Tournament with four points each.

The outlook for Sunday’s matches was very promising when the group B matches during their group stage were played at Abor EP Park.

The Keta Queens, Dornormadi Professional Ladies, Kutsinu Ladies, and Klenormadi Bafana Ladies took the competition seriously and went head to head in the ongoing Duamenefa Regional Tournament.

Keta Queens played three matches during the course of the day the Queens winning two out of three matches. The results were one – nil against Dornormadi Professional, scored two nil against Kutsinu Ladies United and lost one match to the Klenormadi Bafana Ladies.

Bafana Ladies of Klenormadi were able to play three matches. They scored two goals to one against Dornormadi Professional Ladies and scored a lone goal against the Keta Queens, drawing even with Kutsinu Ladies United.

In attendance were the management of Valued Girls Football Academy team and the former Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture for Ghana, Abla Dzifa Gomashie, who promised to support the ladies teams in the Volta region and seized the moment to give out some cash to the Dornormadi Professional Ladies who were eliminated from the ongoing tournament at Abor.


Norshie Nina, the Deputy Captain for Ghana U17, the Black Maidens, used the opportunity to be at Abor to witness the female matches in the ongoing Duamenefa Regional Tournament and to select some of the players for Valued Girls Football Academy Team.

She added, “I was very happy to be part of this year’s tournament and I have seen a lot of ladies with football talent in the region and I hope in future a lot of them will be fixtured in our national team as time goes on”.

So far so good for the day, the Ave Shinning Ladies will be playing their semi-final match against the Queens Football Club of Keta while Bafana Ladies of Klenormadi will be locking horns with Anlo ladies of Woe at the semi-finals stage of the ongoing Duamenefa Regional Tournament at Abor on the 26th of October, 2019.

We want to thank all of our security support during the matches and the help of students and many others. Our special thanks to the Abor Police Personnel who came to maintain the peace.

Story by Wisdom Dovlo

Source: news editor in chief

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