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Avata and GLIDZI are neighboring communities located in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, where Afedovi Ahiable has been suffering from allegations of a spiritual mysterious pot buried underground with the diabolical motive to set him on a drinking spree; whereas he was well known in the communities as a very industrious young man who trades in weaving and selling of Kente cloth within Ghana, Togo and Nigeria, until recently when he was attacked by the mysterious drunkenness. Afedovi can drink into a stupor unknowingly, until the intervention of well-meaning family members and friends to save him from gutters and dungeons.

This attitude has persisted on a daily basis for the past four years, until a quarrel ensued between the siblings, Xetsa Ahiable and Tonika Ahiable over allegations of a spiritual mysterious pot which Xetsa claimed she gave to Tonika the senior brother to allegedly be used against their junior brother Afedovi.

These allegations necessitated Ruben Ahiable to summon the two siblings before the family traditional arbitration court of Togbi Akportor III three years ago. The ruling impressed upon the siblings to contribute the sum of Ghc 150 each to enable the reversal of the curse placed upon their brother, but they failed to comply with the traditional arbitration verdicts.

Afedovi continues to suffer the consequences of drunkenness to stupor on a daily basis for the past three years after the verdict, until the family thought it wise to petition the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation, Mr. Ketaman Evortepe, for intervention into the plight of Afedovi Ahiable.

The Duamenefa Foundation is well known for its professional investigations and interventions of issues of human rights violations in the name of outdated religious and diabolical practices. Hence the family is hopeful as they petitioned the foundation to save the life of Mr. Afedovi. The Duamenefa Foundation upon the receipt of the petition has launched its independent investigations into the allegations and discovered that Mr. Afedovi Ahiable is indeed entangled in strange drunken escapades; hence the need for the foundation to summon the relevant stakeholders, including the Ghana Police Force, the National Commission for Civic Education and the traditional authorities cannot be overemphasized.

As key family members of the Ahiable family were accusing each other on the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 Fm as to who is responsible for the alleged spiritual pot, Togbi AKPALU Agbali, the divisional chief of GLIDZI, upon hearing the news of the ongoing intervention by the foundation, quickly summoned the family members with other known chiefs of the community to support a traditional arbitration to unravel the mysteries behind the confounded allegations trading within the family in respect of the strange ailment of Afedovi Ahiable.

A mammoth crowd of over 3000 people gathered at GLIDZI today to witness this intervention.

Keep your dial log unto Fafaa 100.3 Fm and the Duamenefa Foundation for the up to speed outcome of these investigations.

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