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Intervention Yields Positive Results

The interventions of the Duamenefa Foundation into human right abuse, through dehumanizing  traditional and religious practices and beliefs has once again yielded positive results numbering 313 and 314 lives saved respectively in the plights of Afedovi Ahiable and Vivian Keledorme.

The Duamenefa Foundation, with a membership of over 15,500 volunteers including traditional rulers, members of parliament, district and municipal chief executives and other well meaning members of the society, has a mandate to intervene through collective collaborations with the National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE, to educate the practitioners of these dehumanizing practices through its medium, Fafaa 100.3 Fm, Dzodze.
The outcry of the Apedo Ahiable family on allegations of a spiritual mysterious drinking pot which had been manipulated spiritually against the life of Afedovi Ahiable leading him to become a professional drunkard came to the Duamenefa Foundation. Afedovi Ahiable has preferred drinking and drunkenness to any other thing ever since he became a victim of these strange spiritual attacks 4 years ago. His situation had deteriorated in such away that the family was set apart through accusations and counter accusations of each other as to who is behind the act.
The foundation collaborated with the traditional authorities three weeks ago to intervene through traditional arbitration and mediation. The traditional authorities under the leadership of Togbi AKPALU Agbali postponed the arbitrations to enable the families to resort to spiritual consultations according to their individual beliefs, hence prayers for interventions through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was employed to rescue Afedovi from his predicament. Expectations were very high towards the redemption of Afedovi Ahiable from the captivity of allegations of spiritual attack through the mysterious pot.
Lo and behold !!! Unto the glory of God Almighty, Apedo Ahiabor, a native of Avata in Ketu South District of the Volta region, yesterday was able to express his gratitude to the Duamenefa Foundation for its prayers for restoring his life to normalcy.
Mr. Ahiable for more than four years was entangled in the web of consumption of alcohol and sleeping in gutters. According to him, he was then no more interested in washing himself or taking food.
The family of Apedo Ahiable in February, 2019 petitioned the Duamenefa Foundation to intervene so that Apedo could cease from taking alcohol excessively. Duamenefa immediately took the matter up and investigated and interrogated those suspected to be behind Mr. Apedo’s predicament.
When Mr. Ketaman on 14th August, 2019, called his brother, Mr. Ruben Ahiabor during his Duamenefa programme to find out from him the condition of Apedo Ahiabor, he informed Mr. Ketaman that Apedo had completely recovered from his excessive consumption of alcohol.
When Mr. Ketamen asked his brother, Ruben if he could be possible to speak to Apedo himself on phone, Ruben’s answer was in the affirmative.
Apedo Ahiable told Mr. Ketaman on air that he was completely healed by the Duamenefa Foundation’s intervention prayers. He testified that he was no more drinking alcohol and he did not hope he would taste it again. He added that he is now fit and ready to continue his farming and weaving businesses.
He was overwhelmed with happiness and thanked Mr. Ketaman and the Duamenefa Foundation for their intervention and healing prayers.
Vivian Keledorme
In a related development, Vivian Keledorme, who became mentally retarded, now through the intervention of the Duamenefa’s intervention has also gained her consciousness.
According to reports, one Moses Agor traveled with Vivian Keledorme from Atiteti near Anloga in the Anlo District three years ago to Aflao for some ‘mame water’ rituals.
Mad. Keledorme suddenly became insane after coming back from Aflao. She started roaming near and far naked. People had to force her to wear clothes, but she always refused or appeared in them for a while but threw them again.
The family also petitioned the Duamenefa Foundation for intervention.
The Foundation intervened and questioned those suspected to have been involved in her plight. Therefore, when her sister was interviewed by Mr. Ketaman during the Duamenefa Foundation programme on 14th August, 2019 she told him that her sister is now sound in mind and she is now behaving normally as a sound person.
She thanked Mr. Ketaman and the Duamenefa Foundation for their spiritual intervention and asked for God’s blessings for the Foundation.
Torgbi Dosu Adaklu VIII of Atokor also thanked Mr. Ketaman for his good work and pledged that they would continue worshiping only God. He cautioned the youth of the area to desist from practicing ‘juju.
Regent Togbi, Dosu Adaklu VIII of Atorkor, the grandfather of Vivian Keledorme.
Source: news editor in chief

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