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Duamenefa Regional Tournament has now reach the knockout stage of round of 64 which have seen twenty football clubs at the first phase at Afife R.C school park during the weekend.

Sports loving fans of Detokope, Ewu Avegodo, Tsiaveme, Adrume, Dzodze, Yelibato, Tadzewu, Eleme Sovie, Avalavi, Agorvinu, Kopeyia, Tsiyinu, Anloga Atiehepe, Avalaviga, Adidome, Togo, Adzoati, Awlikope, Afife and Viepe – Tokor were all gathered at Afife R.C school park to witness an historic football display.

Spectators have fallen in love with the Duamenefa Regional Tournament as they came in their numbers to boost the morale of their teams.

The first match of the day saw Detokope Winners football club draw their knockout stage match against Ewu Avegodo Silence Stars with no goal after they were held to a penalty shootout of which Detokope Winners scored four goals to three.

Fans and people of Tsiaveme were very happy after Tsiaveme Miracle FC beat Adrume United football club by two goals to nil at the knockout stage of the ongoing Duamenefa Regional Tournament.

The match between Eleven Target FC of Dzodze and Yelibato Blood of Eagle football club became the match of the day as Eleven Target managed to equalized the early goal conceded and came back to win the match on a penalty shootout by five goals to four.

Tadzewu Lead Soccer club did not do their homework very well as Eleme Sovie Nebis football club slaughtered them on a penalty shootout by four goals to two after 50 minutes of play with no goal.

Wonder team in the ongoing tournament, Avalavi 75 bullet football club managed to beat Agorvinu Dragon by a lone goal to qualify to round of 32 stage of Duamenefa Regional Tournament.

Kopeyia United football club scored a lone goal against Tsiyinu United Bombers to qualify to round of 32 stage of the ongoing Duamenefa Regional Tournament after 50 minutes of football displayed.

As matches continue on Sunday, Avalaviga Success football club used the day as if it was their grand finale to scored five goals to nil against Anloga Atiehepe Eagle football club. Success football club managed to score three goals to nil at the first half and came back to add another two goals in the second half, making it five goals to nil after 50 minutes of play.

The people of Klenormadi-Adidome and Adidome Shining Stars were surprised after they were eliminated from the tournament as Togo Bostino Academy FC beat them by one goal to nil of which till now, Tsiyinu United Bombers are not convinced.

The match between Adzoati New Zagawalata and Awlikope Shinning Stars were a match every spectator was willing to watch that day as New Zagawalata conceded an early goal at the second minute of first half while Awlikope defend the goal to 49 minutes after Adzoati New Zagawalata equalized the goal at the stoppage time. New Zagawalata football club surprised Awlikope Shinning Stars on a penalty shootout by four goals to two.

The match between Afife Royal Stars football club and Viepe Tokor White Stars football academy on Sunday was very crucial match for the day as the overcrowded spectators came to witness this match. At the end of 50 minutes of play, Viepe Tokor White Stars Football Academy Fmanaged to score two goals to nil against Afife ARS football club, however; Afife ARS underred White Stars Football Academy due to their limitation.

Below are the teams who qualified to knockout stage of round of 32

  • Detokope Winners FC
  • Miracle FC
  • Dzodze 11 Target
  • Eleme Sovie Nebis FC
  • Avalavi 75 Bullet
  • Kopeyia United
  • Avalaviga Success
  • Togo Bostino AF
  • Adzoati New Zagawalata
  • Viepe Tokor White Stars Football academy

Duamenefa Regional Tournament knockout stage of round of 64 continues this weekend at Abor E.P school park.

Story by Wisdom Dovlo

Source: news editor in chief

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