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Why are Americans still Memorialising 9/11?

It has been 18 years since the 9/11 attack on America and it is still remembered vividly; the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon and an averted attack on a city, but catastrophic loss of lives; heroes, in a field in mid-America.

The loss of over 3,000 innocent lives, babies and children at a daycare center, people going about their day to day work, the lives of those who died in each of the three planes and the countless people in close proximity to the tragedy in New York City, is indelibly sealed in the minds and hearts of those who experienced it and who never again want to relive that pain.

Fathers and mothers lost their children. Children lost their parent(s), and many firefighters, police and others who had come to help died in trying or are now suffering with the after effects of all the dust and smoke which filled the air; with cancer.

Thousands of visitors come to the monument built in memory of this tragedy with the names engraved in granite of all who lost their lives. The names surround a deep hole where once stood these magnificent towers, monuments to human endeavor. The hole left in the hearts goes much deeper. Each year hours are spent reading the names of each and every person who lost their lives by family members, members of the fire and police departments, and others.

I have heard personal stories from people who were close by, some actually worked in these very buildings just a few short years before this tragedy. “This could have been my end. It was so surreal.”, one man recounts. On that fateful day, hearing someone in his building, only five blocks away from the towers, scream, “A plane has just hit the World Trade Towers!” People in his office rushed to the 17th floor to get a view of what she was telling them. New York City is a no fly zone. No planes are allowed to fly over this city, yet a few minutes before, this very man said the shadow of that very plane crossed over his desk and he thought, “Who is flying here?”

As he gathered at the windows with others, watching the unfolding scenario of the tower burning, out of the corner of his eye a second plane appeared and hit the second tower. “Oh Lord, this was not an accident, but this is a terrorist attack.” Pandemonium hit all those who then fled for their own lives. What was going to happen next?

As this man called his brother, who was also in the city, they met and with all good fortune caught the last train out of the city; God’s grace. It was two weeks before he was able to return to his work, yet the dust and the smell of rotting flesh was still strong in the air. He couldn’t stay. It would be months before things got back to a semblance of normal. How can one so easily forget that? I don’t think he can, ever.

The story did not end on 9/11 in 2001.

So today, 11 September 2019, we again remember and pray that God in His mercy will save from another attack like this. Yes, there are wars throughout the world and every one of them is a travesty to all that is good. We need to remember those who are caught in the midst of these wars, those who are abused, tortured and killed because they were born in the wrong country, or had faith in another God or are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

May we remember them in our hearts and help fight for justice for those who we can, by seeking to understand, joining hands with peacemakers throughout the world and not allowing this hatred to take root in our own hearts.

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Source: www.duamenefafoundation.org news editor in chief

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