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Panelists and callers during the Duamenefa human right social Intervention programme of the 10th September, 2019, attributed the mental retardation of Gladys Azameti to violation of family taboo by one Mr. CK Dzakah of Dafornyame in Dzodze.

According to her petition to the Duamenefa Intervention programme on 6th December, 2018, Gladys Azameti alleged that she was relaxing with one Okili’s wife at their business centre when CK Dzakah called her and she obliged. CK asked her to turn around and she complied but not knowing his motive. CK again asked her whether she had sex in different positions, a direct violation of traditional taboo.

She revealed that CK promised to raise capital for her to start business.

Gladys Azameti continued in the petition that CK pursued her for sex, though CK knows she is a married woman with children.

One day, according to her, CK called her and sent ten (GHc 10) via mobile money. She said she informed her mother and CK’s wife about that development.

CK called her another day accusing her for telling that his wife and vowed to deal with her. She disclosed that currently she does not have any love for her husband. She most often quarrels with her husband any time he makes a move. She added that CK also bought Ghc 5.00 banana for her at a time

In the petition, she stated that one night when she was in bed, something entered her ears, saying they did all they could do to remove the object but to no avail. She said this has affected her because she is now partially deaf. She claimed that their own traditional investigation revealed that CK is the cause of her predicament

It was clear that CK is not ready to accept guilt and cooperate with the stakeholders to help treat Gladys Azameti recover from her mental retardation.

When CK was called to respond to the aforementioned allegations during the Duamenefa Intervention Programme, he maintained that he should not be held responsible for the woman’s illness. He was not prepared to cooperate with the line of interrogations

Mr. CK refuses to comply with the outcome of the traditional arbitration for immediate intervention held in the palace of Togbi Akutu of Dzodze Apeyeme, according to Togbi Akutu, Mr. CK Dzakah who earlier on agreed to be subjected to traditional divination to unravel the mysteries behind the strange mental illness of Gladys, later refused to be led through the process, he claimed that he no longer believe in the practice

Panelists and the callers during the programme expressed their unhappiness about the attitude of CK towards the woman and his unpreparedness to support her treatment

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