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The Duamenefa Regional Tournament of the Volta Region has become a weekly tussle for the best of the best teams of the region.

The tournament has 104 registered clubs across the divides of the region, including teams from Greater Accra, and the Republic of Togo.

The group stages began on the 8th of June 2019 with an all play all fixtures.

40 teams were knocked off during the group stage matches leading 64 teams to the round of 64, where the knock out began. It has been jubilation for the winners and their supporters from all walks of life, whiles the losers have no option but to cry out their disappointment in most cases.

The Duamenefa Regional Tournament is an initiative of a private commercial radio station, Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze, supported by its affiliate NGO dubbed “Duamenefa Foundation”.

The prime objective of the tournament is to:

  1. Unearth the hidden talents of the various football teams to the nation of Ghana and the entire world
  2. Help the young talented footballers nurture their young talents and move to the next level
  3. Expose them to coaches and sports officials for the necessary assistance
  4. Inspire the young footballers and runners to aim high, train hard, stay focused and get to the top
  5. Build various networks among players and runners from all districts of the Volta Region

The tournament has enjoyed the participation of all relevant stakeholders of the Volta Region and it is considered by many as “The Olympic Games of the Volta Region”, due to its high number of spectators recorded at every match centre.

The current stage of the round of 32 would be followed by the round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the finals, slated for the 16th day of November, 2019.

The qualifying teams for the current round of 32 are:

1.       Detokope Winners Fc 17.       Tsiaveme Miracle Fc
2.       Dzodze 11 Target 18.       Eleme – Sovi Nebis Fc
3.       Avalavi 75 Bullet 19.       Kopeyia Utd
4.       Avalaviga Success 20.       Togo Bostino Academy Football
5.       Adzoati New Zagawalata 21.   Viepe Tokor White Stars Football Academy
6.   Metsrikasa Soccer Readers 22.   Afife Hawks Fc
7.   Woe United Fc 23.   Atiavi Fc
8.   Adina Air Force United 24.   Vume Bayorn Fc
9.   Ative Football Club 25.   Abor United Fc
10.   Anlo Afiadenyigba Utd Warriors 26.   Keta Ws Shall Win
11.   Weme Great United Fc 27.   Tamekope Stone Breakers
12.   Dekpor Mighty Rovers 28.   Klikor Kli United
13.   Anlo Afiadenyigba Junction Diamond Boys 29.   Ave Dakpa Fc
14.   Ave Nugata Fc 30.   Ave Afiadenyigba Shining Stars
15.   Lotakor Winning Machine 31.   Klikor Taskcorner Fc
16.   Nogokpo Walter FC 32.   Ativuta Mountain Stars

With logistical support from the National Sports Authority, through the Regional Sports Director, Mr. Amponfi Kwami Jnr, the tournament has attracted national and international scouts vying for qualified and competent skills to market outside the region.

The international coordinator, Mr. Patrick Amazing Dormekpor, who is based in the USA, has linked the tournament to scouts in the USA and the UK.

The Chief Executive Officer of Fafaa 100.3 FM who doubles as the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation has stated in one of its television programs on GTV 24 that it is the earnest expectations of the organizers to make Volta Region the hub of sporting activities in Ghana in the next 3 years.

The five-month tournament, which started in June, 2019, has 208 football matches across different centres in the Volta Region, 40 days of play on weekends, and the finals scheduled for the 16th day of November, 2019. The same day would witness the Duamenefa Regional Marathon and the Official Outdooring of the 9-year old Duamenefa Foundation, which has 15,500 fifteen thousand-five hundred volunteers as certified members, with the mandate to promote peaceful coexistence of people in their various communities.

Source: news editor in chief

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