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Contractor Trorgbenor


Contract is a written or spoken agreement between two or more parties intended to be enforceable by law.

It may sound ridiculous to believe that contracts exist between people who are knowledgeable of traditional mystical powers to engage themselves in an agreement to terminate another person’s life. This type of contract could be termed as an agreement of inhumanity, wickedness, treachery or absurdity. This is the ordeal Madam Mansah Agbebo suffered at Dzodze Dafornyami in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region.

Madam Gbalenyo Abladzie popularly called “Trorgbenor” and Mr. Mensah Ahiakonu, both residents of Dzodze Dafornyami in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, agreed on a verbal contract in the sum of Ghc 150.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis) with the motive to use spiritual manipulative force to drive the victim out of her abode with a charm and incantation known in the local language as “Wuafi”. The contract was witnessed by Mr. Soworda Tagborlo who benefited in the sum of Ghc 5.00 (Five Ghana Cedis Only) an advance paid by the client Madam Trorgbenor to Mr. Ahiakonu to execute the plot.

According to Mr. Soworda, the eye witness to this deal, the contract was duly executed by Mr. Ahiakonu who used a sharp object to punch four holes and filled them with a black substance known in the local Ewe language as ‘Etsi’ and buried with incantations at the entrance of the victim who was out on her petty trading routine.

The entire family got home and was affected by the powers of the charm. Madam Agbebo’s legs swelled and busted with various degrees of wounds from her ankle to her buttocks and she became bedridden. Her husband, Mr. Doune Amegble, and their 3 children suffered the same fate, but not as severe as Mansah Agbebo who could no longer walk.

The lid to this dastardly act was blown by Mr. Soworda Tagborlo, an eye witness, who claimed that he was lured with the sum of Ghc 5 to be part of the exercise, but he made the confession on the “Duamenefa” program of Fafaa 100.3 Fm, that seeing their auntie’s plight after the act ached his heart; hence, he decided to engage the “contractor” in a quarrel publicly.

When the victim heard the public quarrel between the allies, she quickly reported the matter to Hunor Dzato, a deity practitioner and the chief priest to Mr. Soworda Tagborlo, the witness to the contract. Hunor Dzato summoned the parties for a traditional arbitration where the three parties admitted publicly to the crime. Hunor Dzato instructed the diabolical contractor, the client and the witness to go back and reverse the charm by means of purifications rites, but this development only aggravated the illness and the victim was compelled to report the matter to Togbi Atsu Dzesu, the traditional ruler of her jurisdiction. Togbi traced the matter and confirmed from Hunor Dzato that the contractor did execute the assignment and as such the victim has been affected. Togbe Atsu Dzesu II therefore supported the victim to petition the Duamenefa Intervention NGO of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze.

The Duamenefa Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization under the auspices of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze. The foundation has over 15,500 registered and certified volunteers, vested with the mandate to promote peaceful coexistence of people in their various communities through investigation, research and intervention into outdated traditional and Christian religious practices that violate the fundamental human rights of the vulnerable of the society. Therefore when Madam Mansah Agbebo’s predicament could not attract the attention and intervention of the families and her fellow deity practitioners, she quickly petitioned the Duamenefa Foundation in a letter dated 9th May, 2019.

The Duamenefa foundation, with its undercover journalist, quickly set in motion their investigations and was able to retrieve secret recordings of proceedings during the traditional arbitration which took place at the court of Hunor Dzato, although Madam Trorgbenor who contracted Mr. Ahiakonu to execute the spiritual attack on Madam Agbebo has denied the allegation. Hunor Dzato who presided over the traditional arbitration also denied the allegations when the Duamenefa interrogated him on the contents of the petition above.

Further undercover investigations led to the retrieval of the secret arbitration tape, where they all confessed to the allegations during their secret arbitration held at the shrine of Hunor Dzato. The Duamenefa team led by Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe blew the tape and foiled the entire manipulation to terminate Madam Agbebo’s life. The exposition of this secret tape in the program of the Duamenefa on Fafaa 100.3 Fm led Hunor Dzato to later confess publicly that the incident happened and the secret recordings are the true confirmations of the outcome of the arbitration. Mensah Ahiakonu also admitted thereafter that he was contracted by Madam Trorgbenor Gbalenyo Abladzie to execute the spiritual contract.

The management of Duamenefa and Fafaa 100.3 Fm consulted with the relevant stakeholders to convene a public traditional arbitration to rescue the victim. The public arbitration for intervention into the plight of Madam Mansah Agbebo took place at the forecourt of Dzodze Dafornyami and championed by the elected assembly member and the chairman of the Dzodze Urban Council, Hon. Mathias Kofi Kassah through invitation letters to the crew of (NCCE) National Commission for Civic Education led by the Municipal Director Mr. Prosper Apealetey. The Ghana Police Service led by DSP Christian Dogbatsey, The Traditional Authorities led by Togbi Akutu II, Togbi Atsu Dzesu III, Asafo Christian Gamado, Agbotadua Kemeh, among others with over 3,000 spectators gathered to witness the intervention ceremonies.

The traditional chiefs led the principal suspects through an array of interrogations and the end results were very fruitful. Mr Mensah Ahiakonu surrendered his charms together with 3 bottles of diabolical black powder. They were made to pay compensations in line with traditional arbitration rites.

The rain wouldn’t move this crowd!

Togbi Akutu II Interrogating the contractor, Trorgbenor

Interviewing the spiritual terminator, Besah Ahiakonu before the chiefs.

The crowd was very vocal as Tsiamiga Dotsey Tessu Galeagbelime confronted the spiritual Terminator, Besah Ahiakonu.

Setting out the voodoo powers before the crowd.

A date was set for all parties to convene to proffer the spiritual solution for the total recovery of Madam Mansah Agbebo. The crowd of people who witnessed the present condition of the victim and the confessions of the perpetrators were angered and started hooting “How can a woman contract people to terminate a fellow woman’s life, just because she wants to possess her possessions?” The people were infuriated after the arbitration and attempted to lynch Madam Trorgbenor. It took the intervention of the Duamenefa task force to whisk her away in the private car of the Fafaa Fm and she was later handed over to her grandson.

The question on the lips of people who were angered by these contractors is “If not for the timely interventions of the Duamenefa Foundation and Fafaa 100.3 Fm, what would have happen to the victim?”

Your guess is as good as mine.

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