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A Family Taboo Violated? Update

A family taboo violated? The above captioned story was detailed in the website of the Duamenefa Foundation
Now whiles the intervention is still ongoing, the victim, Gladys Azameti is now allegedly hunted by the powers of Mr. CK Dzakah.

Here , Gladys is possessed by the said spirit, and she is heard shouting that she wants to go to CK, her alleged spiritually manipulated boyfriend. She continues by saying CK is a killer and a murderer, that she wants to tear CK apart.

Duamenefa Foundation is following this development in corporate collaborations with all stakeholders.
It is expected that this woman will recover from this alleged spiritual attack in Jesus mighty name.

Source: news editor in chief

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  1. Daniel Kwaku Kamassah

    Good afternoon duamenefa. Thank you and God bless you for your good works. Please I want ask that, it is now wrong to denire a stranger anything in the form of food or drink?
    Thank you..

    • The Bible tells us, as Christians, to receive anything presented to us with thanksgiving; however, if we are told that the food has been offered to idols, for the giver’s sake, we are not to partake. It also tells us as Christians to give to those in need with what we have and turn none away. If the person we are offering a drink of water or food to is not a Christian, it is up to them to follow their own beliefs. We are not in the wrong to do it; again however, if we know that they belong to a cult that might forbid them to partake, then ask them if it is taboo for them to receive. This way all is covered. Mawulikplimi

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