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It was a thunderous ceremony of the grand finale of the Duamenefa Regional Tournament and the official outdooring of the Duamenefa Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) made up of 15,800 certified volunteers mandated to promote peaceful coexistence of people in their various communities. Korpeyia United Football Club of Ketu South locked horns to defeat Eleme Sovie Nebis FC of Ketu North to carry the gigantic gold plated Trophy with its total cash award of Ghc 3,200.00, in addition to jerseys, footballs and other sporting paraphernalia. Anlo Ladies also defeated Ave Shining Ladies to carry the day in the female category.

The marathon racing from Denu junction to Dzodze Demonstration Park heralds the activities of the day with 60 athletes in competition to transport the 5 months competition, which kick started from the 8th June to the 16th November, 2019. One hundred-four football teams made up of ninety-six male and eight female teams were entangled in the competition. Hidden talents of skillful players in the region were unearthed, paving way for their promotion to the National Sports Authority to be nurtured to the next level and to enable the marketing same to local and international scouts.

The day of the grand finale also witnessed the official outdooring of the Duamenefa Foundation Ghana. Over 30,000 spectators made up of dignitaries from all walks of the divide were present to witness this great event. Among them were, the special guest of honor, Hon. Francis Albert Nyonyo, Council of States member representing the Volta Region, Office of the President Flagstaff House Accra; Hon. James Klutsey Avedzie, Member of Parliament for Ketu North; Hon. Anthony Avorgbedor, MCE Ketu North; Hon. Godwin Edudzie Effah, MCE Keta. Divisional chiefs from various divisions of the Volta region were duly present at the event, among them were, Togbiga Addo VIII of Klikor division, Togbiga Adrakpanya of Afife division, Togbiga Dordzeavudzie Atsrifo of Abor division, Togbi Adzofia and Togbi Dzoku of Dzodze, all the Divisional Chiefs were present with their retinue of chiefs numbering over 120, also Reverend Ministers from the various local councils of the Volta Region were present in addition to the certified members of the Duamenefa Foundation with other spectators from far and near gathered at the Dzosec Park in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region to witness this historic event.

The outdooring of the Foundation climaxed the event with the Dzosec Police Cadets displaying their skillful tact of a guard of honor inspected by the dignitaries, Rev. DM Banini performed the official outdooring of the Foundation and “charge” to the intercessors prayer ministers who form the substratum of the Duamenefa Intervention mechanism.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote peaceful coexistence of people in their various communities through intervention, education and resolution of thorny spiritual matters such as

  • Invocation of the wrath of the “gods” and using spiritual prowess to the attack the vulnerable of the society
  • Falsification of prophecies, counterfeit visions, and revelations by false prophets
  • Offering human beings in servitude to the gods, a direct affront to the 1992 Constitution.

The Foundation uses its radio, Fafaa 100.3 FM, to engage the relevant stakeholders to educate the perpetrators of this dastardly act in line with the provisions of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. Hence the Duamenefa Foundation has succeeded in setting 318 captives free over the period of nine years. The Foundation also offer vocational training skills to children of the victims of this spiritual atrocities, in addition to empowerment of single parents through its associates the Treasure of His Eyes, UK .

According Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the Executive President of the Foundation and the CEO of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze, the concept was birthed nine years ago as a radio intervention program from the airwaves of Jubilee Radio and later moved to its present radio the Fafaa 100.3 Fm six years ago

To highlight this point further, Dr. Joseph Attipoe, a legal luminary and the Deputy President of the Duamenefa Foundation states in his introduction that, “The initial concerns of the Duamenefa Foundation remain unchanged as the issues dealing with the invocation of the wrath of the gods, false prophesies, intractable conflicts and offering of human beings in servitude to the gods continue to engage our attention as a people.

Clearly, a big gap exists as far as these ‘spiritually inspired offences’ and the traditional or orthodox processes for resolution of conflicts are concerned, but with open and frank discussion of the issues by all the affected parties, the healing effect of this approach is indescribable.”

Awadada Togbi Agbesi Awusu II, who represented the Awormefia, the overlord of the Ewe Kingdom as the chairman of the occasion stated in his speech: “I bring you fraternal greetings from His Royal Majesty, Awormefia Togbi Sri III, who could not make it to be in your midst due to circumstances beyond his control. I am here to represent him. I wish to mention that I have worked in various capacities with Mr. Ketaman, the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation. Our work started far back when the Awoamefia Installation dispute began and there was a lot of unrest in Anlo. The attempt to find solution to this problem came through the interventions of the Duamenefa Foundation. We had a successful resolution and peace prevailed.

Today, these good works have graduated into various sporting activities which we are all witnessing here today. We must be thankful to the Duamenefa Foundation for bringing peace and tranquility into our environment. Through the activities of Duamenefa Foundation, we are finding work for the ideal youths through sporting activities as you all can see, keeping them from crime and other illicit activities.”

Agbotadua Kumassah, who is a founding father of the Foundation, has this to say, “We must also be thankful to the Duamenefa Foundation for bringing together men of God who are constantly praying for peace, progress and development to prevail in the Anlo State. For the first time in our land, evil and sin has no coloration; sin is sin and evil is evil whether they occur among the Christians or Traditional faith-based organizations. Evil doers, especially those who cast spells on their neighbors, are now being exposed and hauled to traditional courts for arbitration and removal of the spells. Duamenefa also champions the abrogation of outmoded customs and traditions and refinement of some that need to be refined.

Other areas of significant achievements deal with interventions of support for single parents to make life and living bearable for them and in the promotion of the youth in healthy rivalry. These and other interventions made Duamenefa a household name in all the communities in the State. The name DUAMENEFA means let us coexist in peace and this has been consistently demonstrated both in action and in deed.”

The special guest of honor is His Eminence Person, Honorable Francis Albert Nyonyo, the Member of the Council of States, Office of the President, Flagstaff House Accra. Hon. Nyonyo in his speech commended the efforts of Fafaa Fm and the Duamenefa Foundation in promotion of peaceful coexistence of people through the development of youth and sports, resolution of spiritual conflicts, training of orphans and empowerment of single parents through the provision of equipment. He donated Ghc 20,000 on behalf of the Nyonyo Foundation and the Fraga Group of Companies to finance this event with promises to annually support the tournament to achieve its desire objectives.

“The Management and Staff of the Volta Regional Sports Authority are very much appreciative of the visionary Sports initiatives of the Duamenefa Foundation and Fafaa 100.3FM under the able leadership of Mr. Ketaman. This explains the decision of the Authority to promote the Duamenefa Sports Event to a Regional Tournament status in 2018, after the first edition had been held in 2017. We have since not regretted our decision. We will continue to introduce it for recognition and support by All District Assemblies, Members of Parliament, Traditional Leaders, Philanthropists, Institutions and Major Political Parties.”

National and international scouts have been at all tournament venues scouting for our talented players. Mr. Amponfi Kwame Jnr, the Regional Director of the National Sports Council who was accompanied by three heads of various units of the sports council; Mr. Promise Ahiagba – RFA Secretary, Mad. Agbavitor Innocentia – Regional Women Football Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for Referees Association of Ghana – Volta Region and Mad. Doris Afari – Rtd. Vice Chairperson for Ghana Athletics Association – Volta Region.

Twenty-six categories of awards in cash and paraphernalia were given out to deserving winners including; 200 certificates for the 104 participating teams and the athletes were signed by the Director of the National Sports Council and counter signed by the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation for distribution to the key participants. Four sets of Jerseys and two footballs were collectively donated by Christopher Deha Foundation, Hododuiwo Association, Proud Voltarians Association and Richard Snowball Needy Foundation, all in the USA. They channeled their support through Mr. Amazing Patrick Dormekpor who is the international coordinator of the Duamenefa Foundation, based in the USA. The Foundation through its UK partners, the Treasure of His Eyes has donated seven sewing machines and one hair dressing machine through the divisional chiefs to the vulnerable single parents of the various communities for skill empowerment

The Duamenefa Foundation has recently commissioned its USA branch office in the US state of Alabama to collaborate with like-minded organizations and Ewe speaking people in the diaspora for effective development of the motherland.

Source: news editor in chief

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