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Trokosi Report from 1997

This was a report done back in 1997 just before this practice was outlawed in Ghana. But anyone in the Volta Region, Togo, Benin and parts of the Eastern Region know, the law did not stop this practice. There has been no one to enforce the law.

God has mandated me through our radio station FAFAA 100.3 FM and our NGO, the Duamenefa Foundation to promote peaceful coexistence and set captives free. We educate through the resources of the experts in the laws, the traditional practices and others and we are seeing its impact.

How can we have peace when our people are being held against their will. We are advocates of Human Rights for all people. These children, young girls and women need to be free.

We have instituted training for those who are released and the orphans left behind whose parents have been the victims of the invocation of the wrath of the gods. We will give, free of charge, vocational skills training, providing hope and a future.

Join us in the endeavor for peace throughout Ghana and especially the Volta Region.

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