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When the concerned children of Madam Aku Charity Sedor petitioned Duamenefa Foundation for Intervention to save the life of their mother from strange sickness of continuous vomiting of blood, “nonstop “, a situation various hospitals attended could not solve for the past six months. The Duamenefa Foundation had no choice but to rush to treat the petition as an emergency in order to save the life of their mother.

According to them, an invitation to stay in the home of his brother, Mr Kordzo Adukpo at Tsiame has facilitated rumor mongers who sold her to Mr. Adukpo’s wife resident in Accra, the capital city of the republic of Ghana.

Mabel Lisavi, the wife of Mr Adukpo, is a deity practitioner who upon hearing the rumor mongering allegedly poured libations to her deities day and night, continuously with an instruction to the deities to hunt for Madam Aku Charity Sedor, whom she believed was snatching her husband by accepting to occupy a house she toiled with the husband to build.

Torgbui Shikabli, the Regent of Tsiame in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region, held an arbitration meeting to mediate in the matter, but was not successful until the Duamenefa Foundation was petitioned to investigate the matter

During the Duamenefa Social Intervention program on Fafaa 100.3 FM , the Regent, when interviewed, told the host, Ketaman Evortepe, that the son of Madam Mabel by the name John Adukpo confessed to his panel that the mother does pour libations to the gods day and night to war against her supposed rival.

Through the timely interventions of the Duamenefa Foundation on the airwaves of its intervention radio, Fafaa 100.3 FM, Togbi Shikabli was compelled to resummons an urgent meeting for the husband and wife to come from Accra on Wednesday for possible reversal of the alleged curse placed upon the victim.

During the investigations of the Duamenefa Foundation to unravel the veracity of the allegations of this rumor turned disaster, it was discovered that husband and wife were accusing each other of the being the brain behind the juju attack on the victim.

Would they reverse the curse and save the victim or would they allow her to pay the death penalty ???

Watch out for further developments on this issue

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