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When Hunor Adza Bosofor proposed love to Dufe Vicentia, a 25 year old petty trader of Akatsi Wlitey in the Akatsi South District of the Volta Region, she did not know that her refusal to accept the proposal would render her incapacitated by spiritual attack.

The fetish priest proposed marriage to Vicentia during their trading in a plantain business encounter. On the fateful day, the fetish priest told Vicentia that she is his newly found love due to the untimely death of his wife. Vicentia alleges that she refused the proposal on the ground that they are trading partners and the relationship should remain as such. Vicentia states that having rejected the offer, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her right leg which kept itching, so she thought it was a medical issue, hence she rushed to Akatsi General Hospital for medical attention where she was admitted and thorough medical examinations were conducted for almost two weeks with no positive result. Her leg kept swelling, rotting and smelling so bad with no sign of relief in sight. She was discharged from the hospital to her fate.

Back home the victim narrated her encounter with the fetish priest to her mother, Madam Fiafe Mawusi. The mother consulted members of their family and a traditional writ of summons was issued from the traditional arbitration court of Togbi Azalekor III of Wlitey for Hunor Adza Bosofor, the deity priest. Upon the receipt of the writ of summons, Hunor Bosofor declined to honor the summons on the grounds that he suspected his life was not safe because it is the area youths were threatening to lynch him. The family of the victim, therefore, had no hesitation in petitioning the Duamenefa Foundation for investigation and intervention into the matter.

The Duamenefa Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with over 15,800 registered and certified volunteering membership scattered across the various communities of the Volta Region. Members are vested with the mandate to promote peaceful coexistence through research and investigation of issues bordering on spiritual manipulations and infringement of the fundamental human right of the vulnerable of the society. Therefore, the petition from Madam Fiafe directed to the Executive President of the Foundation, Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, received urgent attention. The matter was investigated and broadcast through the Foundation’s medium; Fafaa 100.3 Fm, Dzodze.

During the broadcast of the “Duamenefa” social intervention program, the mother of the victim, Madam Mawusi Fiafe reported that her daughter was strangely attacked by unseen forces and she was in a state of coma. It took the intercessory Christian prayers by the panel of intervention ministers through the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 Fm to resuscitate her from the claws of death. The victim’s mother testified to the goodness of God saying that her daughter, who had been in this coma from morning until evening, but immediately after prayers, Mawusi confirms that Vicentia awoke wondering where she was and what had happened. She further states that, her daughter has no longer suffered such spiritual cessation of breath after intervention prayers. She was however advised to subject the daughter to further medical attention. Vicentia joined her mother in singing praises to God on the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 Fm for what He has done for her. The atmosphere in the studio was one of great jubilation and praise to God!

All parties involved in these allegations of spiritual manipulation brouhaha were duly interrogated by the intervention program host, Mr. Evortepe. During the interview session, the fetish priest agreed to go back to the traditional chief for an amicable resolution of the matter.

The timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation on its airwave has attracted other relevant stakeholders from far and near including traditional chiefs from neighboring communities, the assembly member of Wlitey electoral area, in the person of Hon. Richard Ceaser Kumator, his unit committee members and the general public to an open arbitration where Honor Adza Bosofor, upon interrogation and consultations of their fetish oracles, admitted that he did manipulate his deities against the victim. He was compelled by the panel of traditional rulers to pacify the gods and reverse the curse to enable total healing and deliverance of the victim.

The traditional chiefs, the family of the victim, the elected assembly member, the unit committee members and the general public have praises to God almighty for the timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation to save the lover girl of the deity priest from the icy hands of death. This brings to 323 the number of lives saved through the intervention mechanism of the Duamenefa Foundation since the inception of its intervention radio program in the year 2010.

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