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The long talked about investigations and intervention for the restoration of the mental health of a 28 year old man by the mechanism of the Duamenefa Foundation on the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 Fm has finally yielded positive results. The 5 year old controversy between Madam Janet Fianu and Mr. Maborbor Blude and his associate by the name Ewle Fianu has turned successful on Tuesday the 16th day of June 2020.

Several orthodox medical attention sort by the parents from renowned medical facilities could not yield results, and the parents have to petition the Duamenefa Foundation on the suspicion that Maborbor Blude threatened The young man through spiritual incantations that he will teach him a lesson he will never forget, prior to his sickness.

The timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation with collaborations from the National Commission for Civic Education, through its Anloga District Director, Mr. Godwin Agbenyo, together with a retinue of traditional rulers, comprising Togbi James Ocloo V, the Divisional Chief of Keta , Togbi Samlafo of Woe, Togbi Adoblanui, representatives from Togbi Gbordzor, the right wing ruler of the Anlo Kingdom, among other chiefs who were represented during the intervention, members of the Ghana Police, Keta were available in line with the public order act yielded.

Mr. Maborbor Blude, admitted that he did invoke the wrath of the spirit of the ghost because he was aggrieved when Madam Janet Fianu accused him of manipulating juju powers against her son,  and this led to the mental illness of the young man. He was made to pay the sum of ghc 1,500.00, same fine meted out to Ewle Fianu who earlier claimed that the young sick man should be handed over to him to proffer his restoration. He was found to be an accomplice to the spiritual methodology that was employed. The two of them are to pay the total amount of Ghc 3,000.00

This amount of money, according to the chiefs, is to be delivered to Togbi Adoblanui on or before the ending of this month of June, 2020, this would aid the chiefs to hand over the young sick man to a traditionalist for total restoration of his plight.

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