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Afife is a quiet and peaceful community within the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region. According to history, the name Afife originated from the forbearers who discovered this land which was covered with a huge forest, but after entering into the forest saw that there was a kind of quietness in the forest. The forefathers believed this forest was inhabited by antelopes which they believed were noted for quiet habitation. Hence the name Afife, which means the home of peace, but unfortunately for the family of Mr. Victus Bokorvi, who resides in Afife community, the word “Peace” could not reflect in their lives for more than five years until the timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation

The property that was taken hostage by the witches and wizards until the recovery operations by the Duamenefa Foundation.

According to the petition addressed to the Executive Council President of the Duamenefa Foundation and Chief Executive Officer of Fafaa 100.3 Fm, Mr Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe,  dated 16th April 2019, the family of Mr. Bokorvi alleges that a group of identifiable neighbors numbering fourteen (14), names withheld, initiated their 15 year old foster daughter (name withheld) into witchcraft coven. They took her to the spiritual realm, boiled her alive, smeared black substance on her body to indicate her initiation into the cult. Thereafter she was given a black dress to wear and she was given a spiritual snake with a small pot on its head to swallow. Having swallowed the snake she was handed over a talisman to tie round her waist and she became an initiate on a mission to destroy her foster parents.   

According to the narrations of their 15 year old girl, she was given a spiritual poison with instruction to poison the little daughter of her parents, an action she undertook and the little girl became seriously sick in the physical, thereafter they followed them to the hospital where they’ve succeeded in the contamination of the injections meant for the little girl. She has also poisoned the bath water, the pomade and also the towel. She again converted a needle for spiritual reinjections through the same spot where the hospital nurses had injected the little girl, and she used the spiritual snake in her stomach to suck her blood and deposited the blood at their spiritual blood bank at the witches’ coven. While this manipulation was ongoing spiritually, little girl was crying helplessly in the physical, but the parents didn’t know what was happening to her.

The 15 year old initiate allegedly claimed other witchcraft orchestrations against the family as follows:

  1. Witchcraft conversion of their door key – this enable her team players the opportunity to access the doors and enter the rooms at midnight to carry operation on her foster parents.
  2. Successfully sucked the blood of her foster parents and deposit the blood at their blood bank in the witches’ coven.
  3. They have succeeded in taking over Mr. Bokorvi’s passenger vehicle, for spiritual activities overnight for more than five years. The vehicle normally spark on its own when the family is asleep, and they would wake up and see nobody but the vehicle engines running to the utter dismay of the family.
  4.  She manipulated the foster father and had an affair with the foster father and this orchestration rendered the father physically impotent.
  5. They manipulated an accident through projections and her siblings were knocked on many occasions by motorcycles.
  6. She was directed to poison their food and the family fell sick mysteriously, in addition to several spiritual manipulations confirmed by the parents.

The Bokorvi family began to seek a spiritual solution to their predicament through consultation of oracles and deities but to no avail until  one fateful day the family decided to visit a nearby church,  and during ministration and prayers their foster daughter of 15 year old began to confess publicly the aforementioned atrocities.

The family quickly summoned the 14 people who allegedly initiated their daughter before the traditional rulers of Afife headed by the paramount chief of Afife traditional council Togbiga Adrakpanya VI, other members of the panel were, Togbi Awadada Alagbo Gatsu IV, the warlord of Afife, Togbi Awusu III, Togbi Zaglago III, Togbi Agorwode, Agbotadua Senaye who was the spokesperson of the chiefs, Agbotadua Sali Adevu, Torbokor Aklasu, the sorcerer and fetish priest who was engaged by the chiefs to perform divination to unravel the mysteries behind these allegations, Tobokor Aklasu, a co-diviner, Dumega Ahiagbeatsu, Dumega Agbeko Darrah Zikpitor Afadzi Kunaki, Togbi Kpedza Avoryibortor, Zikpitor Kwabla Kubi, among others. The traditional arbitration and divinations were conducted by the traditional rulers in the presence of a very large crowd. The young teenage girl narrated same versions of her story as enumerated above and mentioned the 14 neighbors (Names withheld) of the community as her witchcraft co-conspirators in their daily spiritual manipulations against the family.

Upon hearing from all the parties mentioned by the young girl, the chiefs decided to conduct a divination and the results according to the spokesperson of the traditional rulers when he was interviewed on Fafaa FM during the Duamenefa Social Intervention program suggested that most of the accomplices are connected with spiritual accoutrement which linked them with the act of witchcraft. They were asked to go and appease their gods and free themselves from any suspicion of witchcraft and also reconcile with each other, but that could not happened instead, Mr. Bokorvi’s wife continued to suffer worse spiritual attacks allegedly.  According to her, she found herself having terrible spiritual attacks much more than before, a situation where strange creatures would take her on an expedition and a casket would be open and she would be commanded to enter the casket, she would be screaming in her dreams to the hearing of her co-tenants, also, their doors kept flinging and banging in the middle of the night by witchcraft powers.

The family had to flee from their house to a rented apartment in the neighborhood, but the problem persisted until they were counseled by a Good Samaritan to petition the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 Fm for investigation and intervention.  The timely investigation and intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 Fm yielded unexpected results.

Madam Peace Bokorvi, testifying to the goodness of God after the intervention
Worfa Kalala a neighbor and an eye witness to the entire event testifying to the positive restoration of the family after the timely intervention of Duamenefa Foundation

An undercover investigation was carried out by the Duamenefa crew to substantiate the veracity of the allegations raised above. The issues were confirmed by the traditional authorities through their spokesperson, Agbotadua Seneaye of Afife traditional council. All parties mentioned were subjected to an on-air interrogation. The interviews yielded the desire results.

The Bokorvi family sent an open air SOS invitation to the team of intervention pastors of the Duamenefa Foundation. The team moved swiftly to Afife for the spiritual prayer intervention.  The prayer intervention yielded positive results; the witches fled from the home of the Bokorvi’s, the family was delivered, and the teenage girl vomited the snake which was moving all over her stomach and throat during her alleged initiations. The family was made to return to their vacated apartment where the witches had taken it hostage. They are now living peacefully since June, 2020 and the atrocities of the witches and wizards stopped henceforth through the prayers of declaration in the name of Jesus!

The community and the traditional rulers were full of appreciations through their spokesperson Agbotadua Seneaye when interviewed on air. Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa Fm gave glory to God Almighty through our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. 

The Duamenefa Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with over 15,800 registered and certified volunteers mandated to promote peaceful coexistence of people in the various communities. The head office of the foundation is situated in the premises of its radio station, the Fafaa 100.3 Fm, Dzodze, Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region. Its international office is located in the USA state of Alabama. The foundation is registered with the United States Government as a charitable 501C3. Visit us online on

The foundation solicits for voluntary charitable donations to finance its humanitarian projects, through PayPal, or by making an online purchase through after choosing Duamenefa Foundation as your charitable organization, supporting our thematic areas of support projects such as: 1) Intervention into Human Rights Abuse through spiritual and diabolical manipulations, 2) Vocational Training Empowerment to the vulnerable, 3) Community Fun Games to promote peaceful coexistence 4) Youth and Sports Development, 5) Skill empowerment for Single Parents through its associate NGO called the Treasure of His Eyes, based in the United Kingdom –

Our Contact – +233-247124917

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