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The Holy Bible tells us in Proverbs 11:24 “There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.”  Like having seed, if it is held, it will never produce a harvest, but if it is sown it, much good fruit will be realized.

Duamenefa Foundation in conjunction with Fafaa 100.3 FM has again sent emissaries to scatter the seeds of kindness and God’s love to the sick and this year to special needs children.

On the 4 & 5 of January 2021, a celebration of the faithfulness of Jehovah was made. Fafaa 100.3 FM radio and Duamenefa Foundation facilitated by its CEO and Executive President, Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, in collaboration with several others including: Dr. David Nutakor an associate in California in the US, who has single-handedly sponsored the feeding of the patients in the children’s ward at the Keta Municipal Hospital (who also in early 2020 he adopted the said ward, making vast improvements throughout this past year); also Dr. Joseph Attipoe, our faithful attorney at law and the Deputy CEO of Fafaa 100.3 FM; Mawuena Ministries, a like-minded associate of Duamenefa Foundation, setting captives free, reaching out to prisoners, widows, fatherless and other vulnerable persons; Ministerial Bible College, Rev. Emmanuel Nartey and Ketaman Ventures with Duamenefa Tadiha: all united for Christ Jesus!

The journey started at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Dzodze on Monday with the presenting of hundreds of meals and spicy drinks to bless the inpatients and outpatients there. With the surge of Covid19, Ketaman was moved to enforce strict Covid19 protocols for the team. They met with Mr. Richard Tumawo, the Administrator and nursing staff to make the presentation outside the administrative offices. The Duamenefa Foundation pastors (Intercessors of the Land) prayed well for healing, safety, and protection for the patients and staff alike at each location visited. After the formalities, the hospital staff members took the meals to distribute to their charges.

The journey continued after a quick lunch break to Sacred Heart Hospital in Abor. The team met with the Administrator, the lead Doctor, and nursing staff under a large shade tree outside of the maternity ward. They were so very blessed with the gifts of food and drink presented. The pastors again went into action, interceding for the wellbeing of all. After carrying the food and drink to a good location for orderly distribution, the team headed back to the Fafaa FM studios to report to CEO Ketaman on the day’s activities. Great testimonies were given on the reception afforded them by the Hospitals’ Administration and staffs, which brought no small joy and praise with thanksgiving.

Tuesday, the team journeyed to Keta.  The Fafaa station manager, pastors and leaders met with Dr. Antoinette Ekuban, the head doctor in her office and Mr. Emmanuel Aforbu, the Administrator of the Keta Municipal Hospital. After greetings and prayer by the pastors, the team was joined by the head nurse of each ward in the conference room for the presentation and reception of the food. Again, due to Covid19 protocol, the team did not wander into the wards, but took care of business, physical and spiritual with the wards’ staff and administration, entrusting them to distribute the food and drink with the anointing of God.

Rejoicing ensued as the team ate on the fly driving to a children’s village called “In My Father’s House” in Abor which helps orphans, cripples and children with special needs.

Since with every stop, the joy of the Lord had been building in each member of the Duamenefa team, they were overjoyed when the children gathered under a summer hut with drums and instruments in hand to sing praises and dance. Everyone on the team with great jubilation joined in the dance to the glory of God.

A delighted shock came to the Duamenefa Team as the Founder, Father Joseph Rabbiosi, a Comboni priest, an Italian by birth, spoke a fluent Ewe to welcome, give thanks and pray over Duamenefa Foundation and Fafaa FM for the help given.

Dancing in Celebration of the Gift of Giving

Fafaa 100.3 FM and Duamenefa with its collaborators are anticipating a continuance of this wonderful celebration of thanksgiving to the Lord with each New Year, even expanding to more places.

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