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For more than three years now, a young boy of 14 year old who was then at primary five, (name withheld)  has been allegedly entangled in the web of a spiritual cage. His colleagues are now in JHS 2 and this boy had been a pupil of Bright Future Preparatory School of Tettevikorpe, in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region of the Republic of Ghana, but had to cease before the timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation.

His grandmother, Madam Esther Kutorzi, a petty trader and a traditional occult practitioner had a quarrel with Madam Fatuma Deku, also a petty trader and a traditional occult practitioner of the “Gbadu Voodoo Kporlifa” cult of Dadave, Togo as their source. The two petty traders had a quarrel over a mango tree which Madam Esther Kutorzi paid for, but was later taken over by Madam Fatuma Deku, because another family member clandestinely collected an amount of Ghc 30 from Fatuma for the same mango tree.

According to Madam Esther Kutorzi, in a petition to the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM, dated 13th day of July, 2020, the boy became a victim of circumstances as a result of the invocation of the wrath of the gods by Madam Fatuma Deku The boy has been rendered spiritually prone to the attacks of the Gbadu occult  deity. This young boy would manifest in form of stretching and crying aloud, he therefore dropped out of school and on most occasions could not sleep at night. 

According to the grandmother, all attempts to seek a medical solution in various hospitals proved abortive. The grandmother, therefore, decided to consult her Oracles and according to her petition, Madam Fatuma Deku was mentioned as the one who invoked her deity upon the family. This in turn affected the 14 year old boy who became a victim of circumstances, the innocent boy knowing nothing about their quarrel. 

The matter was immediately reported to Togbi Tetteh Agbi III, the divisional chief of Tettekorpe, Nukpesekorpe, Tettevikorpe, areas of Keta Municipality. Togbi Tetteh Agbi III, summoned the two parties and another traditional arbitration and consultation of the Oracles were engaged to substantiate the veracity of the claims of Madam Kutorzi.

According to the petition, the findings of Togbi’s traditional divination also suggest that Madam Fatuma Deku invoked the wrath of the gods and this is why the spirits attacked the young boy. Madam Fatuma Deku was asked to exorcise the gods in order to free the boy, but she was adamant, hence the petition to the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa Fm for intervention to rescue the life of the boy from the deities.

The Duamenefa Foundation through its undercover journalists carried a thorough investigation and intervention to the rescue. All parties were duly interrogated and Madam Fatuma Deku insisted that she was insulted by Madam Kutorzi insinuating that she is a witch, hence she invoked her gods and the boy became a victim. She also insisted that the boy must be initiated into the Gbadu Ifa deity. Duamenefa Foundation sought for an education from the National Commission for Civic Education ( NCCE) Director of Anlo district in person of Mr. Godwin Agbenyo, who invoked the children’s act in line with the provisions of the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana; the constitution frowns at initiation of a child against his human right. The Foundation therefore interviewed the relevant stakeholders in an on-air interactive education on the subject matter. 

An open traditional arbitration to rescue the life of the boy was scheduled for Tuesday the 19th day of January 2021 at the arbitration court of the traditional ruler, Togbi Tetteh Agbi III, at Tettevikorpe. The NCCE directorate of Keta, the Ghana Police Service, Keta Divisional Command, were present to witness the rescue mission. 

Further interrogations and investigations compelled Madam Fatuma Deku to free the boy from the hands of the deities. She agreed and asked the chiefs to allow her to consult her chief priest who was not readily available, to conduct the exorcism exercise. She was given up to Wednesday the 10th day of February 2021 to fulfil all righteousness to free the boy. 

In the meantime, pastors from the Duamenefa Foundation under the leadership of Rev. D.M. Banini, Rev. Christian Babina, Rev. Seth Saviour Sosu Bakah and other intervention ministers were asked to pray for the boy. The prayer exercise saw an open manifestation of demonic powers tormenting the boy in the glare of a mammoth crowd of over 1,500 people who gathered to witness the event. The boy was delivered through Christian prayers. The people were filled with shouts of praises to the almighty God for using the Duamenefa Foundation to save the life of this teenager. It is expected that the boy would go back to school to continue his education.

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