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A painter and commercial motor rider, Mr. Seyram Ledi, has been fingered in a petition to the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe to have allegedly cast spell on ex-girlfriend resulting into mysterious ailment.

The petition written by Ms. Roseline Nornormekudzi, a resident of Attiteti in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, Ghana, alleges that Mr. Ledi, with whom she had two children, cast a spell on her and the children leading to their current health challenges. 

The petition explained that upon seeking consultation with four different deities within the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, according to Ms. Nornormekudzi, Mr. Ledi was revealed to have been the one behind by their predicament. 

Mr. Michael Dickson, the current husband of the victim, and Rosemary Nornormekudzi claimed on the live radio programme dubbed “Duamenefa Mianor” on Dzodze-based radio station Fafaa 100.3 FM, that several attempts to find solutions to her condition proved futile at both hospitals and traditional herbalists; hence their quest to seek a solution at a traditional deity.


The victim, Ms. Roseline Nornormekudzi, in a live telephone interview with Mr. Ketaman Evortepe, CEO of Fafaa 100.3 FM and Host of the Duamenefa Mianor programme, revealed that her ex-boyfriend threatened that she would not have any successful marriage should she quit him for another man. She said after quitting with her ex-boyfriend in 2014 subsequent marriages were unsuccessful as continuous alleged murder attempts were even made on her. She added that her latest marriage in 2016 has produced no child and hence she is blaming her three years barrenness on the spell allegedly cast on her by her ex-boyfriend.


Upon invitation to the palace of Hon. Torgbui Adzei III, a Divisional Chief of the community, following a report from the victim and the family, Mr. Ledi allegedly confessed that he was responsible for the ailment on his ex-girlfriend and children though he said it was not his intention to make these worse like the current state.

Hon. Torgbui Adzei III

Mr. Ledi who worships in the “Kporliga” cult, a popular traditional worship centre at Rainbowkorpe, Attiteti, also stated that he was aided by a Togolese traditional practitioner to cast the spell on Ms. Nornormekuadzi.

Confirming the action, the Togolese, Mr. Alex Yawo Akogui, more popularly known as Togo, confessed to Ketaman on the Duamenefa programme that he gave the direction to Mr. Ledi to “buy a banana, a new razor blade and a red pen”. 

To accomplish the task, Mr. Akorgui is alleged to have charged Mr. Ledi to write the names of the new husband and his ex-girlfriend on the banana and do some enchantment before cutting the banana with the new blade into two.

Attempts to reach Mr. Seyram Ledi, the alleged perpetrator of the aforementioned acts to state the side of his story on air, proved futile. 

More to follow…

By Felix Abusah, Fafaa 100.3 FM, Dzodze

Source: / news editor in chief

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