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Wound sustained by the prophet's wife during the scuffle


Whereas the Holy Scriptures outline the pre – qualification to the office of Bishops, Apostles and other leaders of the church as enshrined in the gospel according to, 1st Timothy 3: 1- 7, “If anyone desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.  A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife ………..” 

But according to Madam Christiana Afadzinu, wife of prophet Atsu Robert Mensah Nyatuame, the founder and general overseer of Jerusalem Gate Ministries of Woe in the Anloga district of the Volta Region, the reverse is the case. This attitude of the prophet led to domestic violence between her and his concubine. The concubine, Madam Patience Nyonyo, a mother of five children was legally married to Mr. Tettega of Accra, then left her matrimonial home to engage with the prophet and now pregnant for the prophet.

Certified Certificate of Marriage

According to the prophet’s wife, this adulterous relationship with her husband infuriated her hence she carried her kitchen knife to threaten the woman.  Her action provoked the prophet who in an attempt to separate the two rivals found himself struggling with the knife in the hands of his wife. According to the wife, the prophet strangled her and punched her with his finger nails at her throat. It was a sacrilege in the house of “God”.

Wounds sustained by prophet’s wife during scuffle

The prophet therefore summoned the wife before the family arbitration committee. The committee was chaired by Mr. GY Fudzi, popularly known as “Sodzator”, the wife’s family accused the prophet for deceiving them. According to his father – in law, he, the prophet failed to tell the family that he was in a relationship with another woman who has two children for him in Accra, but he told the family he has never married and has no issues, hence they betrothed their daughter to him. It was after the marriage was consummated that the family discovered that the prophet has two children for another woman. This deceit has caused a lot of damage to the family, yet still he is engaging himself in other sexual escapades.

According to the secretary of the arbitration committee, Mr. Ebenezer Papaa Tay, present were about 18 family members, among them were parents of the prophet and that of the wife. The prophet told the committee that “He had a covenant with God to have 7 children, hence he was directed by the spirit of God to commit adultery with the mother of 5. The prophet also accused the wife for wielding a knife against the rival and shedding blood in the house of God.

According to Mr. Ebenezer Papaa Tay, the secretary to the family arbitration committee, the prophet’s wife also alleges that the prophet was engaged in amorous relationships with other members of the church for the past 4 years. In addition to the concubine of the prophet was one Abigail who confessed to the wife that the prophet shaved her private part and removed her waist beads in the name of deliverance from mermaid spirits. When Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa Fm contacted Abigail for her part of the story, she confessed that she removed her waist beads and handed them over to the prophet when the prophet instructed her to deliver them, because she was suffering from a mermaid spirit and she did contact the prophet for deliverance; hence the need to remove her waist beads which she handed over to the prophet in the church; that the ceremony happened between the two of them only.

The prophet’s wife also alleges that the husband has been sleeping with Prophetess Peace Ahedor who is in charge of the Atiavi branch of Jerusalem Gate Ministries. When Prophetess Peace was contacted by Fafaa Fm, she denied the allegations, but admitted that she was once a practicing nurse of Adzadokpo hospital when she was called by God as revealed to her by the prophet, and she withdrew from her profession to follow the prophet. She also claimed that she was trained and ordained by the prophet Atsu.

The prophet’s wife also mentioned other members of the church who have been engaged with the prophet in indecent sexual relationships; one among them by the name Adzo Kini who has been romancing with the prophet’s manhood while the prophet used to finger her private parts. When the prophet was asked to react to the allegations levelled against him by the wife, he could not deny the allegations of indecent sexual relationship with the women in the church, but rather accused the wife of packing the commodities out of their shop for the mother.

According to the Family Secretary, the Prophet presented a carton of soft drinks and a cash of Ghc 100 to the arbitration committee for pacification.

When the prophet was asked why he chose to act contrary to the provisions of the word of God which he claimed to be practicing as a “prophet”, he declined to speak to Fafaa Fm under the pretext that the news was hype before he could be contacted. Fafaa Fm duly engaged the relevant stakeholders such as the Director of Social Welfare, Keta in person of Madam Faustina Borklo, who lamented at the allegations levelled against the prophet. According to the Director of Social Welfare, this domestic violence has landed three beautiful women in the hands of death only in the month of March, and unfortunately the three women hail from the Volta Region. She admonished the prophet’s wife to report the matter to the police for further investigation and prosecution.

The Director of National Commission for Civic Education, Mr. Godwin Agbenyo, also educated the community leaders such as the chiefs and the Assembly man to investigate this church further and if found wanting, put a stop to its operations in the community. When Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa Fm located Mr. Tettega whose wife was allegedly snatched by the prophet, he wept for more than 5 minutes. Mr. Tettega cried bitterly and called on God to visit this prophet who succeeded in destroying his family. Mr. Tettega is still weeping that the 5 children are in his custody and he is not willing to marry another wife, he is calling on the prophet to hand over his wife back to him.

Duamenefa Foundation has taken over further investigation into these allegations of sacrilege in the Jerusalem Gate Ministries of Woe.

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  1. In this situation, the humankind must be very careful when getting into marriage, secondly, we must also be vigilant in chosing our churches especially, our ladies in Christ. That’s why I always said that I will not attend those small churches because I am older than them.

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