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The peaceful coexistence of the Chiefs and people of Woe, in the Anloga district of The Volta Region of Ghana, suffered various degrees of threats: psychologically, morally, spiritually, financially and otherwise when the news of sacrilegious activities of the church was broken by the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM, Dzodze, with its follow up revelations bordering on the moral fibres of the society.

The Anlo District Security Council led by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Seth Yormewu has taken its final decision to stop the Elohim Jerusalem Church from its operations pending the determination of various degrees of allegations ranging from sexual molestation of members, allegations of using spiritual manipulations to the detriment of the vulnerable, among others.

It is on record that the Security Council during its first seating on this same issue instructed the prophet to stop operations in the interest of his personal security and that of others following the public reactions when the news broke out, but prophet Atsu Robert Nyatuame defied the instructions of the security council and the chiefs telling members of his church that he received counter instructions from the District Police Commander, DSP Agbanyo, to continue the church services despite the seriousness of the allegations levelled against him; an allegation the Commander denied.

Prophet Robert Atsu Mensah Nyatuame – Head Pastor

Present at the District Security Meeting were the Awadada of Anlo, represented by Togbi Zewu, Togbi Gbodzor III the right-wing divisional Chief of Anlo, Togbi Samlafo III of Woe, the chairman of the Local Council of Churches, Rev. Dr. Raymond Sogah, Togbi, Adoblanui II of Woe, the three assembly men representing Woe, the Executive President, Duamenefa Foundation and Chief Executive Officer of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze, Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe.

The following decisions were arrived at:

  1. That allegations of assault between the prophet Atsu Nyatuame Robert his concubine Madam Patience Nyonyo and Madam Christine Afadzinu be referred to the police for further investigation and prosecution
  2. Allegations of Assistant Pastor Mr. Prosper Ametordzie who chased a female neighbor for sex, and domestic violence ensued, is already being investigated by the police for possible prosecution in a court of competent jurisdiction
  3. All other allegations of spiritual manipulations and orchestrations against members of the church and the public is referred to the Chiefs of Woe who should co-opt the chairman of the Local Council of Churches, Rev. Dr. Raymond Sogah and the Urban Council of Woe for arbitration and resolution 
  4. A decision was taken by the Security Council to allow people who were directly affected in this matter to make official complaint to the police and chiefs
  5. The Elohim Jerusalem Prayer Ministry should stop further activities henceforth, gathering of only 3 people permitted

On Fafaa Fm’s investigation list were
1) Madam Christine Afadzinu, who claimed she reported the matter earlier but the Anloga police refused to accept her complaint on the grounds that she wielded a knife against the prophet’s concubine during the fight

(2) Mr. Tettegah who claimed that his wife of five children was taken captive and impregnated by the prophet through spiritual manipulations

(3) Madam Kini Adzo who admitted that the prophet forced her and had sex with her on his matrimonial bed, a painful action she regretted so much

(4) Madam Abigail Salakpi, who admitted during interrogation that she was made to remove her waist beads and hand them over to the prophet

(5) Madam Gladys who claimed she was spiritually cursed by the prophet that she would suffer an incurable disease and die, and she also saw perfumes labeled mermaid spirits in the room of the prophet with other matters

(6) Mr. Agbemakor Richard, who claimed the church took over his fiancée who he spent a lot of money to train in apprenticeship, the woman was camped in the church all along

(7) Hunor Tiko, who claimed his children were camped by the prophet and the children were subjected to various types of abuse by the prophet

(8) Madam Millicent Aglebe, who claimed she doesn’t understand why and how the prophet manipulated their mother to quit her job with the Adzadokpo medical facility just to be ordained by the prophet and the type of allegations being levelled against their mother is strange to the family, members of Atiavi Community among them

(9) Mr. Kporxa Solomon

(10) Madam Ahadzi Philomina

(11)  Dziekpor Lawoe who all claimed their under aged children were subjected to various spiritual manipulations, the children would abandon school for the church, the children, aged between 14 and 16, were baptized without their consent, and some of them are behaving abnormally now.

That is when they tried to intervened, the church offered dangerous prayers that they should go blind and be crippled by fire!!!

The intervention program of Fafaa 100.3 Fm would follow up-to-speed developments on these issues.

Watch out …..

Source: / News editor in chief

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