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Miss Rejoice Adorku of Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region is a beautiful young woman in her early thirties who is now entangled in the web of allegations of spiritual attack. She is terribly sick and needs divine intervention for her recovery.

In a petition to the Duamenefa Foundation, the Social Intervention NGO of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze, Mr Christopher Adorku, her uncle alleged that the severe sickness of Rejoice is manifesting with very strange altercations and impulse utterances such as, “Why are you chasing me? I will not join the car. Do you want to take what belongs to my mother?”, with the mention of her maternal grandma’s name together along with her Aunty and and uncle’s in persons of Madam Selina Ablavi Tsormana Gbafa, Mabel Dovi Tsormana, and Kwame Tsormana respectively.

Madam Mabel Dovi Tsormana
Mr. Adorku Christopher

According to Mr. Adorku, the maternal side of the family mentioned above were having issues of property litigation with Rejoice for the past 4 years after the death of her mother. Even though she is the only surviving daughter of her mother, her grandmother and the siblings of her deceased mother felt they have to share in her mother’s properties, hence the conflicts, quarrels, and litigations which culminated into allegations of spiritual manipulation and orchestrations against one another.

The petitioner, therefore, summoned the maternal family members mentioned above before the traditional arbitration court of Togbi Dei III of Dzodze, where her grandmother, Madam Selina Ablavi Gbafa together with her children appeared, but the arbitration was inconclusive due to failure on the part of the maternal relations to honor the request to undergo another spiritual consultation of the gods through the medium of sorcery and divination.

According to Mr. Adorku, both sides of the family were subjected to the traditional medium of consultation of the gods where the ghost of Alice Tsormana, the mother of Rejoice Adorku, was invoked.

According to their findings, the ghost accused her sick daughter of taking over her properties and she must report to the world of the dead for resolution of the matter.

According to her uncle, it took the intervention of the sorcerer to plead on her behalf. Her ghost mother also asked her daughter to apologize to her mother and other siblings, because her attitude was what provoked the family conflicts over the properties. Hence when Togbi Dei III asked for further consultation of the ghosts, Madam Dovi Tsormana refused to honor Togbi Dei’s request and the family dispersed inconclusively; thus the petition to Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM for urgent intervention to save the life of Rejoice.

Rejoice before and after her alleged spiritual sickness

The Duamenefa Social Intervention program of Fafaa 100.3 Fm took over the intervention and brought all relevant stakeholders onboard to a community intervention to rescue the life of Rejoice from the hands of death.

Opening Prayer

The intervention yielded positive results. The matter was transferred to the traditional arbitration court of Togbi Akutu II of Dzodze Apeyeme. The following prominent chiefs were present during the arbitration, Togbi Vodzi VI, Togbi Ahui IV, Togbi Eso IV, Togbi Dali III, Tsamigah Shasha Dufe, among other dignitaries.

The National Commission for Civic Education was represented by the Municipal Director, Mr. Prosper Apealetey while the Ghana Police Service of Dzodze under the command of DSP Christian Dogbatsey was represented by uniform police personnel ‘s inline with the public order act.

Police on the job

The intervention was successful with Christian prayers for reconciliation and traditional reconciliation ceremony of both sides of the family, where all anger, malice and bitterness harbored by every individual was freely expressed.

The People Turned Out to See What Would Happen During Arbitration

It is the expectations of the family that this may pave way for the recovery of the sick woman.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM is a Social Intervention NGO based in Ghana, with its international office in the state of Alabama, USA.

The foundation is made up of over 15,786 volunteers mandated to promote peaceful coexistence through investigation and reconciliation of hitherto antagonistic conflicts which borders on infringement of the fundamental human rights of the vulnerable.

The Chiefs, Stakeholders and people of the various communities of the nation of Ghana praised God for the timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM to resolve this conflict which makes over 421 resolutions and lives saved so far !

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