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Torgbui Vodzi VI Chief of Dzodze


Whereas ritual money manipulation is considered an art of deceit and demonic orchestration, some people believed they can get rich quick through the process of ritual money spiritualists by providing any ritual spiritual accoutrements as may be demanded by the vendors who uses different methodologies to lure their unsuspecting clients to play the game of ritual money venture.

According to Kennedy Ahiableame, this scenario is allegedly playing in the Ahiableame family resident in Dzodze and Kosamba of the Volta and Oti, Regions of Ghana.

He claimed that some family members are entangled in the web of division and suspicion of who among the Ahiableame family is in partnership with a Togolese ritualistic manipulation expert by the name Yao Agbanyo, who allegedly rendered their 14-year-old daughter (name withheld) in an allegation of mental sickness and abnormal behavior which ended her schooling abruptly for almost a year now.

Cross Examination of Dogbeda Ahiableame

This happened when the Togolese ritual money manipulator took her through spiritual baths in an attempt to exorcise his gods whom he claimed the girl trespassed through his ritual zone to see, an act he considered a taboo hence the need for spiritual bathing purification rites. He succeeded in subjecting the young girl through the purification bath, an action the family claimed has rendered the young girl spiritually and physically incapacitated ever since.

“Commander” Doryenyeame, husband of Dopui Ahiableame mother of victim.

According to Mr. Kennedy Ahiableame, who later petitioned the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa Fm for investigation and intervention to save the life of their daughter, he claimed the family tried on several occasions to resolve the matter, but to no avail.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM, through its Executive Council President, Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, promptly initiated investigations and their findings were as follows:

  1. That Dofui Ahiableame (the aunt of the young girl) and her husband, Mr. Commander Doryenyeame, resident at Kosamba in Kedjebi, alleged that they were eye witnesses to the ritual money manipulations by Mr. Yao Agbanyo, the spiritualist at Kosamba, and they took time to explain the processes and procedures engaged by the Togolese in performances of the ritual money act.
  2. They claimed that the spiritualist was an associate of Dogbeda and Etsey Ahiableame, an allegation confirmed by the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 Fm through their father Mr. Afayome Ahiableame.
  3. That Etsey Ahiableame led the spiritualist money ritual vendor to acquire the TMPC licence from Togbi Atsu Dzesu III, an allegation confirmed by the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa Fm, but Togbi Atsu Dzesu III claimed he could not hand over the certificates to the Togolese, having realized various degrees of allegations being levelled against him.
  4. They further claimed they were present when the Togolese engaged the young girl in the ritual bath manipulations, an allegation the Togolese admitted when interrogated by Togbi Atsu Dzesu III, Municipal Chairman of the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council of Dzodze.
  5. Mr. Afayome Ahiableame (the grandfather of the young girl) confessed the Togolese camped in his house when he visited Dzodze and that he fled when the police were looking for him.
  6. The Assemblyman Hon. Prince Agbedor of Dzodze Fiagbedu, claimed he was told the Togolese was involved in the art of ritual money manipulations and he reported the matter to the police. He fled while the Police were looking for him, but was later asked to disengage the police processes by Togbi Atsu Dzesu III, an allegation Togbi Dzesu III denied.
  7. Other deep findings on spiritual manipulations and orchestration to the detriment of the young girl are on record of the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM, engages the National Commission for Civic Education Ketu North to educate the public on the way forward.

The Municipal Director, Mr. Prosper Apealetey educated the public on the provisions of the customary laws of Ghana which empower the chiefs to mediate and resolve allegations of spiritual matters, hence Togbi Vodzi VI, of Dzodze Fiagbedu was contacted by the Foundation and he agreed to take the pains to invite other traditional chiefs to support him to unravel the mysteries behind the aforementioned allegations among the Ahiableame family members.

Togbi Vodzi VI, on behalf of other chiefs and people of Fiagbedu, issued an invitation letter through Hon. Moses Azaglo, the immediate past municipal chairman of the NDC party who is also the secretary to Fiagbedu Council of Chiefs, for community intervention and arbitration meeting to save the life of the young girl.

Torgbui Vodzi VI
Chief of Dzodze

The Ghana Police, under the able Command of DSP Christian Dogbatsey, were duly invited in line with the public order act and they honored the invitation accordingly.

Other traditional rulers invited include:  Togbi Akutu III, Togbi Dali III, Togbi Esso IV, Togbi Akpeynu IV, all of various divisions of Dzodze, Awadada Togbi Esru IV, Mama Nuworza, both of Weta division among others.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa Fm, and the Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr. Prosper Apealetey were also invited to aid the investigation and public education.

The following findings were on record during the traditional arbitration of chiefs and other relevant stakeholders:

A) Afayome Ahiableame admitted that his children were associates of the Togolese spiritualist at Kosamba in the Oti Region and he also admitted on record that the Togolese spiritualist came to lodge with him here in Dzodze.

B) Mr. Afayome Ahiableame pleaded with the Chiefs to give him one week to enable him to produce the Togolese spiritualist and his other children to honor the chiefs’ invitation for interrogation.

C) The retinue of traditional rulers asked the Assembly man, Hon. Prince Agbedor, to lodge a formal complaint with the police and subject Mr. Afayome Ahiableame to sign to an undertaking to produce the Togolese spiritualist to come and exorcise his gods in other to free the young girl.

D) According to the Assemblyman, Hon. Prince Agbedor, the police saw the spiritual dimension of the allegations and say this is purely a customary and traditional matter for the chiefs to handle, yet Afayome Ahiableame was however made to sign to the undertaking with the station officer.

E) Afayome Ahiableame, again requested for an extension of time after the initial one-week request and the chiefs granted him another one week to locate the Togolese, hence the second sitting on this matter was rescheduled to Tuesday the 1st day of June, 2021.

F) On the said date, Mr. Afayome Ahiableame was present with his children, Dogbeda Ahiableame, Etsey Ahiableame, and other members of the Ahiableame family who were cousins, uncles, nephews and nieces of the young 14-year-old daughter of the Ahiableame’s but the Togolese was not available to answer questions from the chiefs.

G) The Chiefs duly interrogated the children of Afayome Ahiableame and in the process Dogbeda Ahiableame was caught in his own lies. While trying to deceive the chiefs during interrogation and cross examinations, he later admitted his flaws of deceit and pleaded with the Chiefs for forgiveness.

H) During the arbitration, Yao Agbenyo, the ritual money spiritualist and associate of Afayome Ahiableame and children was called from Dogbeda’s phone, he picked the call and promised the chiefs to give him time to appear at the next sitting of the arbitration in order to do the needful, hence the chiefs gave another two weeks to Mr. Afayome Ahiableame and children to reappear with the Togolese ritualistic manipulator to exorcise the gods on the 15th day of June 2021.

While the chiefs and people of Dzodze were waiting patiently for the rescheduled date for the appearance of the Togolese spiritualist and his associate to free this young girl from the bondage of demonic influence, an unexpected letter came from Zap Legal Services and address to “CHIEF OF DZODZE”.


According to the chiefs, the content of the letter from Zaps Legal Services was direct opposition of the development leading to the allegations of the Togolese ritual money spiritualist who was camped by Afayome Ahiableame.

Afayome Ahiablame

The lawyer states among others that, his client (Afayome Ahiableame) is suffering humiliation over allegation of using a girl for money ritual.

When the six traditional chiefs mentioned above were interrogated on the social intervention program of Fafaa Fm to respond to the contents of the letter emanating from the Zaps Legal Services, they expressed their individual surprise and dismay, saying the content of the letter did not reflect what happened during the traditional arbitration.

The retired director of NCCE Ketu North, Mr. Francis Gota, described the letter as an attempt to “contempt” a customary proceeding by a lawyer, he called on Fafaa FM to locate the lawyer for his right of response.

All attempts to locate the lawyer, Micheal Kofi Dzakpasu of Zaps Legal Services, for his right of response on the aforementioned letter proved abortive. Whereas, Afayome Ahiableame who is mentioned by the lawyer as his client referred Fafaa FM to get the contact number of the lawyer through his brother Korsi Ahiableame. Korsi Ahiableame, on the other hand, claimed that the lawyer will not be available for his right of response on Fafaa FM. According to him, his lawyer says they should take him to court if he is found wanting, or he may proceed to court after two weeks.

This development left the ardent listeners of Fafaa FM and other relevant stakeholders of the social intervention program wallowing in hysteria of suspicion that the letter purported to have emanated from Zaps Legal Services might be faked by someone else.

There is an ongoing Christian prayer intervention by the Apostolic Prayer Ministry of Dzodze, led by Apostle Saviour Sosou Bakah to free the young girl from the torment of demons, an exercise which is believed to be yielding results.

The traditional chiefs, on the other hand, have witnessed the demonic possession, torment and sufferings of this young girl on whose fingers strange rings appear and disappear. They, therefore, believed there is need for Mr. Afayome Ahiableame and his children to produce the Togolese spiritualist who is their direct associate to appear before the chiefs to exorcise his spirits for total freedom to compliment the Christian Prayer Exercise.

The question on the lips of listeners of the social intervention program of Fafaa Fm is, “Why won’t the Ahiableame’s cooperate with the chiefs to allow the Togolese to appear and respond to the various allegations leveled against him in order to save the life of their own daughter of 14, whose schooling is under threat, instead of looking for services of a lawyer to stop the customary arbitration?

### Save the young girl now ####

Watch out for further unfolding development………….

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