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Head Pastor - Prophet Robert Atsu Mensah Nyatuame


The District Security Council (DISEC) in its emergency meeting decided to stop the activities of Elohim Jerusalem prayer ministry of Woe, in the Anloga District of the Volta Region of Ghana, pending the determination of various degrees of allegations of sacrilegious activities levelled against pastor Atsu Robert Nyatuame.

This was contained in a letter dated 17th May, 2021 and addressed to the head pastor of the church captioned “CLOSURE OF ELOHIM JERUSALEM PRAYER MINISTRY, WOE”.

The following decisions were arrived at:

  1. That allegations of assault between the prophet Atsu Nyatuame Robert his concubine Madam Patience Nyonyo and Madam Christine Afadzinu be referred to the police for further investigation and prosecution
  2. Allegations of Assistant Pastor Mr. Prosper Ametordzie who chased a female neighbor for sex, and domestic violence ensued, is already being investigated by the police for possible prosecution in a court of competent jurisdiction
  3. All other allegations of spiritual manipulations and orchestrations against members of the church and the public is referred to the Chiefs of Woe who should co-opt the chairman of the Local Council of Churches, Rev. Dr. Raymond Sogah and the Urban Council of Woe for arbitration and resolution
  4. A decision was taken by the Security Council to allow people who were directly affected in this matter to make official complaint to the police and chiefs
  5. The Elohim Jerusalem Prayer Ministry should stop further activities henceforth, gathering of only 3 people permitted

In a voice recording hijacked by the undercover investigation team of the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM, Mr. Ametordzie, an assistant pastor of the church publicly claimed that the District Commander of Anloga, DSP Thomas Yao Agbanyo has said nobody has the right to stop the church from its activities, not even the District Chief Executive Officer, except a court of competent jurisdiction, hence they have treated the security instructions with impunity.


It would be recalled in the month of April, 2021, that the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM broke the news of allegations of sacrilegious activities in the church where the head pastor Atsu Nyatuame is being accused of:

  1. To have Impregnate a married woman of 5 children and claimed that God spoke to him to have seven children hence he chose to impregnate the married woman, an action The Chiefs claimed is in violation of the customary traditional taboo The Anlo land
  2. The pastor’s wife, alleges that the pastor was using anointing oil to wash the private part of one Abigail, a member of the church in the name of deliverance.
  3. A Church member confesses to sleeping with the pastor in the absence of the pastor’s wife.
  4. A fight between the head pastor, his wife, and the pregnant concubine in the premises of the church where blood was shed, etc.

According to Togbi Samlafo, one of the chiefs of the community, the aforementioned allegations has created serious confusions within the community such that the chiefs tried to summoned the head pastor to answer why he is allegedly practicing immorality in the name of Christianity, but the arbitration was unsuccessful due to the tension and outrage of the youths

The matter has finally attracted the attention of the District Security Council under the chairmanship of Hon. Seth Yormewu, where the decision to temporarily halt the activities of the church pending further investigation and possible prosecution in the court of competent jurisdiction was taken.

During the Security Council’s meeting, the Chiefs and the District Commander were tasked by the security council to investigate the customary and criminal aspects of the allegations and submit their reports to the security council for further action.

While the security council is yet to deliberate on the reports from the chiefs and the police, the pastor and his church chose to disregard the instructions of the security council, claiming among others that the District Commander who was part of the security council has given an education in their favor.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM has petitioned the Regional Commander over allegations of conflicts of interest between the Anloga District Commander and Jerusalem Ministry Woe, in the Anloga District of the Volta Region of Ghana, and awaiting response from the Regional Commander. CLICK HERE TO SEE PETITION

Watch out for further development……

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