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First and foremost, the Adamah Royal House of Somè wishes to express their profound gratitude to God Almighty for granting the family grace, and making it possible for them to witness this day in peace. The family is grateful.

The family also finds it expedient to render to the good people and chiefs of Somè their gratitude for being there for them throughout their history. The family deems it fit and appropriate at this early stage of this release to also render again our heartfelt apologies for the pain and misery the people of Somè have been going through at the hands of Togbui Adamah III. We’re deeply sorry for all those happenings. Steps will be taken to stop the abuses being inflicted on our people.

To the Fugonu communities that saw carnage and misery unleashed on them by the sea recently, we say we’re sorry for the treatment meted out to you once again by Togbui Adamah III.

To Fafaa Radio and the illustrious Duamenefa Foundation, its old members and the new applicants, we say “babaa nami.” Our silence for this long period isn’t something we’re proud of. We could and should have come out earlier when the waywardness of Togbui Adamah III towards the family got out of hand, but caution was prayed for by some prominent Elder Citizens of Somè, thinking that there are better days to come with a change in behaviour of the young king. We tried as much as is humanly possible to cover up our shame and not wash our dirty linens in public, but we failed. We’ve failed the Somè Dua, and the family craves your indulgence. We will rectify everything that has gone wrong.

We’ve crossed the proverbial Rubicon.

Today it is not only the family which is at the mercy of the terrorist acts of Togbui Adamah III, but he has gone public against the very community that gave him the office and recognition. This shouldn’t be the norm and there must be consequences for such aberrations by anyone, be it a king or a subject. Somè needs peace to thrive in business and education. That is the kind of society, with laws and rules, that the Adamah Royal House will encourage, not this deviant culture. Please bear with the family in these unfortunate moments in our history. There has been nothing like this before.

Roadmap and The Council of Elders.

The Adamah Royal House submitted a document to the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and which was duly accepted and became the Roadmap for the family. This document has a clause which created a 17-Member Council of Elders. ( That a seventeen member council of elders should be put in place made up of selected personalities from the two ruling gates, with Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and an Organizer. Their main objectives are, i. To serve as advisory council to the Makorsor or Paramount Chief. ii Foster and promote peace and unity in the Royal family. iii. Facilitate other interests of the Royal family as may be necessary.)

The document which is titled SOMÈ MAKORSOR ROYAL FAMILY STOOL ROADMAP TO FORESTALL CONFLICTS ON ELECTION AND INSTALLATION OF PARAMOUNT CHIEFS (MAKORSORS) FROM THE TWO GATES OF AMU AND HOR has a dedicated clause which clearly stated that the Head of Family of the Adamah Royal House should be the Chairman of the Council, and the Paramount Chief being only a Patron. This council is dormant today because of the interference of Adamah III and his insistence for attending every Council of Elders meeting and dictating issues. Naturally this posture of Adamah III wouldn’t sit well with the Council members of which David Fianyor was the Chairman. Thus the very organ created to advise Togbui Adamah III was muted by him. He Adamah III therefore chose to listen to outsiders who were ready to tell him what he wanted to hear. No wonder the direction his behavior and character has taken. No obedient son would do the things he’s been doing. He became friends with hoodlums whom he uses or deploys for his heinous crimes against the Duamenefa Foundation and the AmuGade Royal family.

Selling of AmuGade Royal family lands

The corruption of Togbui Adamah III started with his fraudulent misrepresentation of himself as the Fometator – Head of Family – of the AmuGade Royal House of Tettekorfe-Adafienu. The AmuGade Royal House therefore once again wants Somè and Ghana to know that TOGBUI ADAMAH III, aka JULIUS ADAKU IS NOT THE HEAD OF THE AMUGADE ROYAL FAMILY. THE HEAD OF FAMILY IS NONE OTHER THAN MR FRANCIS KWASI GALLEY.

It is therefore gone without saying that anyone who is dealing with Togbui Adamah III today, or has dealt with him in the past as far as the lands of the family is concerned, does so at his or her own risk since a Disclaimer was issued to that effect as far back as the 20th of September 2019. (Copy of Disclaimer attached). At the appropriate time steps will be taken to reverse any fraudulent dealings that took place between Togbui Adamah III and anyone or any business entity.

Long before the AmuGade family Royal House issued a Disclaimer on the 20th of September 2019, and copied to all relevant stakeholders and state institutions including the Seven Seas Salt Company, Togbui Adamah III was secretly and dubiously selling the family lands. Some of those lands were taken back by the family and Togbui Adamah III was made to refund the monies to the people he duped.

At the appropriate time redress will be sought at the law courts for full repossession of any stolen land sold by Togbui Adamah III.

One of those lands Togbui Adamah III sold was a ten plot land belonging to his uncles, the Bakar Adaku family. The family quickly reclaimed the land from the unfortunate buyer. This didn’t go down well with the recalcitrant king and he resorted to insulting his uncles. Zikpuitor Alfred Bakar of blessed memory was the very person whose instrumentality resulted in the choice of Mr Julius Adaku who became Togbui Adamah III, but he wasn’t spared the insults. Togbui Adamah III childishly had to threaten that he had removed his uncle the Zikpuitor from his office as the Stool Father. This was someone who led the process of the yet proper installation as the Paramount Chief of the Somè Traditional Area. The Uncles swore at that time to abort the process of completing the installation and some of us had to travel to Lomè-Togo to kneel and beg on behalf of Togbui Adamah III. We didn’t know then we are coming to be dealing with a human whose reasoning is not the norm with any decent human being.

On the 23rd of August 2019 Togbui Adamah III brought a case against the Duse Anthony Family of Adafienu in his fraudulent and erroneous capacity as the “Head of Family of the AmuGade Royal House” at the court of Togbui Atsiane IV without the knowledge and consent of the legitimate Fometator Mr Francis Galley.

At the first sitting the panel of arbitrators of which Togbui Atsiane IV was the presiding chief, told Togbui Adamah III that he is not the head of family known to the Somè Dua and so he should rather do the needful and make arrangements for the recognized Fometator Mr Francis Galley and the Fiafofo Nash Doe Adamah to represent the AmuGade Royal House. Changes were therefore made to the court documents and Mr Francis Galley assumed the plaintiff position in the case. The case was adjourned upon request from Mr Francis Galley.

On the 24th of January 2020 the AmuGade Royal family with the Fometator Presiding, wrote a letter to the Togbui Atsiane court withdrawing the case for out-of-court settlement between the two families (copies of the letters attached here). This request was granted by the panel.

Unknown to the AmuGade Royal House, Togbui Adamah III again clandestinely wrote a dubious letter to the Togbui Atsiane court replacing Mr Francis Galley,  and this Togbui Atsiane IV also wrongly accepted. Morality was being thrown to the dogs. The acceptance of the replacement coming from Togbui Adamah III to Togbui Atsiane was therefore illegal and an abuse of the process of law. This can only be the actions of two conniving immoral agents not attuned to the principles of the rule of law and fairness.

The AmuGade Royal House therefore declared that any case involving the AmuGade Royal family and the Duse Anthony Family, not properly constituted and without the consent and knowledge of the legitimate Elders of the AmuGade Royal family is not sanctioned. Togbui Adamah III was doing all that to usurp the office of the Fometator so that he can sell the family lands without any hindrance and hesitation, and to enhance his nefarious actions of stealing family lands and desecrating the very long held customs of the family.

His fraudulent and mischievous dealings with the Seven Seas Salt Company will be treated at another forum, and the family will make sure the legitimate Elders of the AmuGade Royal family represent the interests of the AmuGade Royal House.

Fugonu Relief Items

The AmuGade Royal House wants to share the pain of the suffering folks of the recent sea destructions whose relief items were again greedily taken from them in a senseless and vindictive manner. That act can only come from a mindset that isn’t noble. It is sheer wickedness on the part of Togbui Adamah III to go in for 50 bags of cement when those suffering the direct hits of the ravages of the sea received just a few bags each. The AmuGade Royal House disassociates itself from such chicanery. The family has no hand in such sacrilege. That was an act from a chief who has divested himself from all good counsel and had himself surrounded by hoodlums and criminals willing to cause havoc in Somè.

Duamenefa Foundation and Fafaa Radio issues.

This is the last act and straw that has disgraced the family to the extent never experienced by our forebears. The malevolent action has finally forced the noble and quiet Elders of the family to come out and assure the Fafaa Media Family and the glorious Duamenefa Foundation Members Worldwide, that the AmuGade Royal House is not a house of renegades and malcontents as our son Togbui Adamah III has shown through deed and intent, with the full support of people who should know better.  We are a disciplined family. We’re therefore rendering our unconditional apologies to the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors of the sister civic organs. The family condemns in no uncertain terms the actions of those Togbui Adamah III engaged in to disrupt and destroy equipments and properties of the Duamenefa Foundation.

Duamenefa Foundation is a haven of tranquillity and is doing what the Savior Jesus Christ willed and blessed them to do. The Volta Region is therefore blessed by their being anchored here. For chiefs to join gangsters to disrupt the foundation’s registration activities is unfortunate. The AmuGade Royal family regrets the actions by Togbui Adamah III and his crooks which has brought the good and revered name of ADAMAH into disrepute.

One may be tempted to ask how come the family didn’t speak earlier? As we all know and are aware of the practices of our people, attempts were made in the background to not be seen as washing the family’s dirty linens in public, but failure became the ribbons we wear today on our chests. Madam Jane Duwor of blessed memory partnered Togbui Atsu Awuaba V to control the excesses of Togbui Adamah III, but to no avail. Togbui Atsiane IV was with this group in the beginning but you can see for yourself his role today in trying to destabilise Somè and the Duamenefa Foundation in collaboration with the Togbui Adamah III.

Togbui Atsiane IV has therefore become the right hand man to Togbui Adamah III in their nefarious activities across Somè, most particularly the Kpodzeadzie Adamah II property issue. Isn’t it so regrettable that a mere registration of your own subjects in a benevolent organisation could lead to anarchy and mayhem? It is said that darkness and light has nothing in common. This is very true. Togbui Adamah III without good counselling has become the darkness over Somè. He is exposed from every flank and he’s as naked like a day old chick.

What are the activities of Duamenefa Foundation? And are those activities meant to destabilise our communities, and what is it that the foundation is undertaking which is an affront to the constitution of Ghana?

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with their activities in the region. Duamenefa Foundation can therefore enjoy patronage across Ghana and especially, the Ketu North and South Regions. Togbui Agboka, any other Chief(s) or Community leader(s) have the right to invite any organisation(s) of repute to come to their domain to conduct any meaningful exercise designed to make life bearable for and to the citizens of Somè, something which Togbui Adamah III and his stooges have failed to do.

And if the narrative of the errand man who was seen with the matchet should be pursued, then Togbui Adamah III should be invited or arrested to face the law. It is his word against a hoodlum’s. The two should answer for their crime against the Duamenefa Foundation, the Somè State and the State of Ghana.

The AmuGade Royal House can once again say that they have always advised Togbui Adamah III to be of good behaviour, to behave with decorum, but he has always chosen the path of villainy and greed and childishness. He seems not to know the value of the royal office he holds. He thinks gangsterism and intimidating poor folks is the appropriate thing to be doing.

At the right time the Kingmakers of the AmuGade and Hor gates will announce to the good people of Somè the remedy to cure this nuisance and cancer that has affected the Somè Dua and the Adamah Family.

The Adamah II Kpodzeadzie Property

Sometimes, it is not only greed and vindictiveness but pure evil that enters the mind of Togbui Adamah III against anything that is good. The family is not spared either.

There is a case or report made to the Agbozume District Police Service as far back as the 7th of January 2021 by the Fiafofo Nash Doe Adamah against Togbui Adamah III and the Gbafa-Deku family. Togbui Adamah III ordered Dollar Gbafa to destroy the pillars being mounted in a wall that was being built around the Kpodzeadzie property. The hoodlums removed the styluses from the holes dug and left the concrete to waste.

The Agbozume Police when contacted anytime as to what is happening to the report will only ask you to go ahead and continue with the project. Earlier, a threat by Togbui Adamah III to engage gangs to beat up anyone who goes near the Adamah II house was also reported to the same Police at Agbozume. And finally when the Adamah II family realized the feet dragging of the Agbozume Police, a report was made to the Divisional Command of Police at Denu-Tokor. The files of the case are gathering dust at the Command Office.

Togbui Adamah III believed he could always get away with evil until this Duamenefa Foundation issue. The AmuGade Royal House will be in full support should the case be made to go to the proper forum for redress and impunity punished.

As is with the case of the Duamenefa Foundation, Dollar Gbafa-Deku also stated categorically that he and some others including Veronica Gbafa, Francis Gbafa, Dzaka and Agbosushie were ordered by Togbui Adamah III to cause the destruction, and that they were doing his bidding. This action and audio was also captured electronically. This is in the report to the Police.

How the Agbozume Police could close their eyes to the grievances of the Adamah II household and look on unperturbed while the project stalled for about a year shouldn’t be surprising any longer compared to what is going on with a benevolent and powerful media house like the Fafaa Radio and the sister Duamenefa Foundation. Sadly, the Police in Agbozume and Denu-Tokor are seemingly not ready to do the needful by prosecuting crime and get impunity curtailed.

Somè Queenmother issue.

The Somè Traditional Area is without a Paramount Queenmother.

It is the right and duty of the Hor Royal House to select one for the Adamah Royal House, and get her installed according to a Roadmap sanctioned by the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs.

The Roadmap as agreed on before the burial of the departed Togbui Hor II, and succession of Togbui Adamah III made it clear that the Queenmother shall be nominated by the Hor gate, and coming from the Hor Gate.

Why this has not been done till today is a marvel, because the Hor gate, with its Head of Family, are aware of this requirement in the Roadmap sanctioned by the Judicial Committee of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs. The inability to install the Queenmother is also due to the greed and the vicious ambition of the same incorrigible Togbui Adamah III to bypass the laid down processes and thereby tried to enstool his elder sister Abigail Mary Adaku into the seat as the Queenmother of The Somè Traditional Area.

This is sacrilegious and unheard-of. Togbui Adamah III wanted to have a brother and a sister, siblings from the same loins and womb, to be the King and Queenmother of Somè.

Meetings upon meetings took place and the Elders of the AmuGade Royal House insisted that the lawful thing must be done. Abigail Mary Adaku cannot become the Queenmother of Somè, or somebody having any official title as regards the Somè Paramountcy.

Abigail Adaku, also just like his brother has started holding herself out fraudulently as Mama Adaku I, something the AmuGade Royal House knows nothing about. The impunity of these siblings must be curtailed for the good of Somè. Recognizing Abigail Adaku is the bastardy the AmuGade Royal House will not encourage. Togbui Adamah III claims he has enstooled her sister already.

That is his joke he is entitled to!

The absence of a duly installed and legitimate Queenmother for the people of Somè from the Hor Gate is not helping matters in Somè as far as women’s affairs, and to a larger extent children are concerned.


The AmuGade Royal House once again is declaring to all and sundry in Somè and beyond, all State institutions, Private Businesses like the Seven Seas Salt Company and the Ketu North and South Municipal Assemblies that the previous 20th day of September, 2019 DISCLAIMER from the AmuGade Royal House (herein attached) that the document still holds.

Anyone or entity that is doing any business(es) regarding the AmuGade Royal House Lands does so at their own risk.

The AmuGade Royal House wishes to assure all and sundry of its goodwill in the discharge of its mandate to the loyal people of Somè.

Accept our warmest regards.

Yours in the Service of Somè.

The Elders and Kingmakers of the Adamah Royal House. ( AMUGADE AND HOR GATES ).


  1.  All Media Houses
  2. The Divisional Command, Ghana Police Service, Denu Tokor.
  3. The District Command, Ghana Police Service, Agbozume.
  4. The KSMA, Denu.
  5. The KNMA, Dzodze.
  6. The Aflao Traditional Council, Aflao.
  7. The Anlo Traditional Council, Anloga.
  8. The Seven Seas Salt Company, Adina.
  9. The Somè Dumegawo Association, Agbozume.
  10. The Judicial Committee, VRHC, Ho.VR
  11. The Standing Committee of Chiefs of Somè, Agbozume.
  12. The Awaklasuga of Somè Togbui Sapey Agbo, Denu.
  13. Togbui Adzabli Duse Anthony, Dufia of Adafienu.




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  1. Remarkable presentation. Working for the good of society

  2. Remarkable presentation for the good of society.

  3. Jasper Cudjoe Adamah

    It’s a pity that Mr. Julius Adaku’s promise of becoming greater than Togbui Adamah II and thus becoming Togbui Adamah III is a slap in the face of all ADAMAHS; home and abroad.

    The last straw that broke the camel’s back, I believe, is the attack (allegedly ordered by him) on a benevolent society like the Duamenefa Foundation.

    This disgrace affects all of the people of Some Dua and worse, the entire Adamah family.

    We render our sincere apologies!

    God bless and sustain us.


    Thank to the Adams family

  5. Community entry is a tough subject. You have to learn and pass it if you are doing a course in Development Studies. There are strategic approaches to how you send a development proposal to a community. Entering Somey with the Duamefa idea was not properly done or designed. Please start all over again and do the right thing. The problem is not Torgbuiga Adamah III. The problem is the Duamefa Foundation.

    • We write to appreciate your concerns and your theory of education on the subject under review
      For your kind information, the Foundation was invited by Togbi Agboka IV, together with the elected assembly man,
      Hon. Godson Ahiamadzi, former Assembly man Hon. Nenem, the unit commitee chairman and his team constituted the community leadership that dully invited the Foundation to their community
      We have followed due process of community entre processes and procedures
      We have announced this event for more than four weeks on radio, telling all who cares to know that the foundation was invited by the chief and his team of stakeholders aforementioned
      Again, we have granted an on air interview to the chief, and his team, one after other, and they keep expressing the desire of their subjects to join the foundation in other to promote peace through our constitutional established modules
      Why should Adama and co tow the path of violence?
      Even if he thought the said Togbi is not legitimate to offer an invitation to the foundation, why didn’t he draw our attention when this announcement was ongoing for more than four weeks? ?
      Don’t we have legitimate remedies enshrined in the constitution of Ghana???
      In any case, I am not sure you are trying to justify the approach of your Togbiga by your theory of community entree approach
      We have over 550 communities on our list and we have so far covered over 220 communities with 26,800 volunteers promoting peace and peaceful coexistence through our modules
      Kindly conduct an independent investigation into the incident and come out with a better education in this regards.

      Please next time, do not be quick to blame people in your approach to presentation of issues.
      We have social workers of varying degrees on our board of governors.

      We appreciate your concerns

      Thank you very much

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