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Madam Peace Agbanyo a resident in Anyanui in the Anloga District of the Volta Region was allegedly assaulted by three policemen of the Anloga district under the command of DSP Thomas Yao Agbanyo at the dawn of Tuesday the 29th day of March, 2022. She was brutalized and stripped naked.


According to Madam Peace Agbanyo, she had petitioned the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM on the 28th day of May, 2021 to investigate an allegation of hitherto antagonistic spiritual conflict between herself and her aunty.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM has over the period of 12 years collaborated with lawful agencies to resolved over 437 allegations of spiritual manipulation and orchestrations among citizens in various communities of the Volta Region and beyond.

While Fafaa FM’s investigation is ongoing off-air in respect of the petition from Madam Peace, DSP Thomas Agbanyo allegedly called her on phone to report to his station with a threat that Fafaa FM’s Duamenefa Foundation led by its Executive President, Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe dare not investigate her petition because he received a complaint from someone to stop the investigation.

DSP Thomas Yao Agbanyo

It would be recalled in May, 2021, Fafaa 100. 3 FM’s Duamenefa Foundation led an undercover investigation to uncover one Pastor Atsu Nyatuame of Jerusalem Prayer Ministry for sexually harassing members of his church and impregnating a married woman who visited his church. The pastor and his associates claimed on record that Commander Agbanyo instructed them to continue their church services and that nobody has the right to stop them, not even the DCE of Anloga. So the church is busily operating despite the public outrage against DSP Agbanyo.

Head Pastor – Prophet Robert Atsu Mensah Nyatuame

The CEO of Fafaa FM, Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe raised this issue on the floor of Anloga District Security Council meeting for DSP Agbanyo to have his right of response because the allegation is in the public domain but DSP Agbanyo told the DISEC chaired by Hon. Seth Yormewu, the DCE that he would accompany the Regional PRO to Fafaa FM for response, since May, 2021.

Hon. Seth Yormewu, DCE

DSP Agbanyo was again alleged to have supported an abortionist who was living with the Jerusalem prayer church. The mother of the 23-year-old girl, Madam Rejoice Hoenyefia cried aloud that when she reported to DSP Agbanyo, he supported the pastor to cohabitate with the girl. The girl is still in the custody of the said pastor against the wish of her mother.

DSP Agbanyo on another occasion allegedly supported an alleged ritual murderer who threaten one Madam Ahumah Gladys of Anyanui market to pay a ransom, if not her life would be terminated. Madam Ahumah Gladys alleged she reported to DSP Agbanyo, but he claimed the ritualist threatened him to discontinue the investigation hence he did same, this allegation is also in the public domain.

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa 100.3 FM had petitioned the Volta Regional Commander to compel DSP Agbanyo to respond to the aforementioned allegations but DSP Agbanyo responded to the petition to suggest that the allegations were false.

Recently Fafaa FM published a story on an alleged drug dealer by the name Sherry Kudzinawo of Woe in the Anloga District who was chased by the Narcotic Control board for allegedly trading in the hard substance across the oceans.  Five trucks loaded with substances suspected to be hard drugs were impounded by the squad.

Fafaa 100.3 FM uncovered the alleged dealer in hard drugs to have supported the Anloga police command under DSP Agbanyo to facelift the police counter with his name boldly inscribed on the police counter as “Donated by Sherry Kudzinawo”. DSP Agbanyo, who is not ready to talk to the media, could not be contacted to explain his relationship with the suspect.

Some members of the public who talked to Fafaa FM claimed they are wallowing in hysteria of suspicion that the Anloga police commander and his officers are freely enjoying the largesse of suspected drug dealers hence the community is filled with weed smokers, most especially at Anloga Lashibi where young boys freely walk the street with the substance.

The rivalry between the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM and DSP Thomas Agbanyo revolved around the aforementioned publications by Fafaa FM hence the alleged intimidation of Madam Peace Agbanyo, due to her petition to Fafaa FM’s Duamenefa Foundation.

She further alleged that DSP Agbanyo, a week before the attack threatened her not to allow Fafaa FM’s Duamenefa Foundation to investigate her issue; if not she would regret her action.

DSP Agbanyo allegedly carried on his threat by dispatching the three police officers at the early dawn of Tuesday to the residence of Madam Peace, to affect the allege intimidation and brutality.  One of the officers was identified as Moro, who is stationed at Anyanui duty post.

She claimed that she was stripped naked and two of the police officers used their belt to inflict injury on her private part, she was handcuffed and delivered to DSP Agbanyo, without a cause.

She further states that DSP Agbanyo on seeing the degree of bruises inflicted on her by his men had instructed the police officers to take her to the Anyanui health centre for treatment (without a medical form).


She was directed by the Foundation to report to the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, Keta and she later obtained a medical form from the Keta Divisional Command to the Keta Government Hospital where she was treated and discharged.

Further investigation by the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM uncovered a young 13-year-old girl who witnessed the police brutality on Madam Peace Agbanyo, according to the young girl, she was sleeping while the police men busted into their premises in the early hours and broke the door on Madam Peace.

Other members of the family who witnessed the dreaded brutality refused to comment for fear of the unknown.

Meantime further investigations revealed that the family is divided over the police’s attack on their daughter due to the allegations of spiritual matter which has broken the moral fibres of the family.

A member of the family called William Nenyonyoge who claimed he is also a police officer called Fafaa FM to question the right to broadcast his family issues, he also claimed that their sister had fought with someone at Ada some years back and the matter was treated as a foolish case due to the character of her sister.

When the District Chief Executive of Anloga, Hon. Seth Yormewu was contacted by Fafaa FM to respond to issues of insecurity and the various allegations in the public domain concerning his police commander, the DCE assures the public he would convene an emergency security meeting for an explanation from DSP Agbanyo.

While the corporate integrity of the Ghana Police Service is being dragged into public disrepute, the petition from the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM is seated on the table of the Volta Regional Commander awaiting an independent investigation into the aforementioned allegations against a public officer in the public domain intermittently since May 2021 till date.

Source: www.duamenefafoundation.org / news editor in chief

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