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Tegbi Arbitration


For the past five years, the Adzahoe family of Tegbi in the Anloga district of the Volta Region has been thrown into a controversy over the mysterious sickness of their son, Mr. David Adzahoe.

David has been suffering from an unknown sickness of the inability to sleep and seeing strange creatures attacking him whenever he attempts closing his eyes to sleep. This sickness defied all orthodox medical diagnoses.

Mr. David Adzahoe – victim

David claimed he consulted the oracles and gods of five different shrines and the sickness was allegedly attributed to a spiritual attack of a “killer voodoo” called the “Glimdo voodoo”. This killer voodoo is in possession of one Mr. Kwadzo Sakpatey of the same family.

The aforementioned allegations were contained in a petition dated the 20th day of May, 2020 and addressed to Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation and CEO of Fafaa FM, Dzodze, for investigation and intervention.

The Foundation referred the petitioner back to his divisional chief for intervention. Two years after the referrals, the petitioner came back with the petition and claimed that the traditional arbitration court of Togbi Gawu V, under the chairmanship of Mr. Sada Apetsi could not resolve the issue. This was confirmed by Togbi Gawu V, the divisional chief who claimed that for the two years, Mr. Sada Apetsi, his chief priest failed to mention the case under his arbitration to him.

Many turned out to see the results

Togbi Gawu V authorized the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM to pursue its investigation and intervention to unravel the mysteries surrounding the allegations.

In the said petition, the victim claimed that his nephew, Mr. Kordzo Sakpatey had a misunderstanding with him over a family meeting and issues of who should buy drink to pacify the family stool gods. This has degenerated into a conflict of interest between the two of them and Kwadzo Sakpatey handed him over to the Glimdo voodoo to be killed.

David further claimed that Kordzo Sakpatey confided in him and his wife some time ago that his grandfather handed over the aforementioned voodoo to him to be used in terminating the lives of anyone who crossed his path in a conflict, hence he has no hesitation than to believe he has done the same to him.

Mr. Kordzo Sakpatey – Allegedly in possession of Glimdo Voodoo

All efforts by the family head to reconcile the two family members could not yield the desire results hence the need to petition the Duamenefa Foundation for further investigation and intervention to save the ailing victim.

The timely intervention and investigation of the Duamenefa Foundation yielded positive results. Kwadzo Sakpatey who initially claimed he doesn’t have any voodoo of such a name “Glimdo” was uncovered by the Foundation, through an undercover investigation and interrogations.

Kordzo finally owned up to the fact that he possesses the Glimdo voodoo. He further admitted that the Glimdo voodoo possesses such powers to terminate the life of anybody who plans evil against him and he doesn’t know what the uncle might have planned against him.

He made this disclosure during an interrogation on the airwaves of Fafaa 100.3 FM during the Duamenefa Social Intervention Program. He was therefore hauled back to the traditional arbitration court of Togbi Gawu V to exorcise the gods and save the life of his uncle, David Adzahoe.

Torgbui Kpese

The final exorcism of the gods is scheduled to take place on Thursday the 29th day of September, 2022.

The Intercessors of the Land, a team of pastors of the Duamenefa Foundation is always interceding through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to Jehovah God Almighty for total freedom and liberation of such victims.

The Duamenefa Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization of Fafaa 100.3 FM Dzodze in the Volta Region of Ghana. The Foundation is registered in the USA as a 501c3.

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