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People of Devego in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region were allegedly dying mysteriously as a result of voodoo spirits revealing themselves as strange creatures in the middle of the night. Among those who met face to face with the spirits were children, adults and the youth.

This strange incidences began in December 2021, till June 2022. In most cases, the innocent people die mysteriously.

These allegations were contained in a petition dated 6th June, 2022, addressed to Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation and CEO of Fafaa FM, Dzodze for investigation and intervention.

According to the petition signed by eight stakeholders; Togbi Adigblor III, the Divisional Chief of Devego, Togbi Gbedela III, Togbi Satsi III, Mama Ndorkutsudzi II, representing Chiefs and Queens of the community. Others were Zikpuitɔ Etsey Asinyo, The Unit Committee Chairman, Mr. Reindolph Adetsi, Unit Committee Secretary and Megbeda Kofi Semabia, all of Devego.

They claimed that one Mr. Patrick Ayivor invoked the wrath of the gods of Klikor Adzimafe, a popular shrine in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region to kill the people of Devego hence the voodoo spirits entered the community in their numbers.

When Fafaa FM contacted the accused person for his side of the story, Patrick responded by claiming that members of the community wrongfully accused him of using spiritual manipulation to terminate the life of his brother, Moses Akorliga of blessed memory, hence he revenged by invoking the gods of Klikor shrine to justify his innocence.

The timely intervention of the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM had necessitated a visit to Klikor shrine by the stakeholders of Devego in order to exorcise the gods.

Unfortunately, the custodians of the Klikor shrine allegedly demanded the sum of Ghc 2,000.00 in addition to half piece of white calico, half piece of red calico, half piece of bishi, half piece of klaku, 3 bottles of akpeteshie and 3 tins of powder.


Mr. Ayivor revealing contents of sack full of voodoos

They further claimed that they were unable to raise the Ghc 2,000.00 to support the items required for the rituals and the people of Klikor shrine also declined to perform the traditional spiritual rites to exorcise the gods.

The stakeholders of the community were grieved by the diabolical activities of Mr. Patrick Ayivor. They searched his apartment, siezed the following voodoo’s in his possession; voodoo “Botoza”, “Husunuvi”,  “Xortsutsi”,  “Ekpeletorme” and “Anatotovieto”.

They walked him to dump the above mentioned alleged illegally acquired voodoo spirits into the public toilet. The stakeholders in anger of retaliation took the law into their hands and ostracized Patrick.

Mr. Patrick Ayivor carrying sack of voodoos to the dump.

Fafaa FM called on the Municipal Director of the National Commission for Civic Education, Mr. Prosper Apealetey for public education on the 1992 provisions of the constitution of Ghana in matters of ostracism. The community leaders accepted the education in good faith and promised to do the needful.

The Christian churches of Devego took up the challenge to declare three days fasting and prayers for divine intervention.

The gods were driven out of the community, and the people of Devego could now breath an air of relieve. The nightmares stopped as well as the incessant death of people.

The community leaders declared praises to the glory of Jehovah God almighty for showing forth his grace and mercies through the churches.

They were thankful to the Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa FM for the timely investigation and successful intervention to save the community.

The Duamenefa Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization of Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze. The foundation has over 29,294 registered and certified volunteers as at October 2022 (still counting)…

Its volunteers are scattered across the various communities of the Volta Region. Their mandate among others is to investigate hitherto antagonistic spiritual and religious conflicts in collaborations with lawful agencies in the interest of peaceful coexistence.

The Devego intervention has brought the number of successful results to 593 communities saved in the space of 12 years of consistent investigation and intervention.

Source: duamenefafoundation.org / news editor in chief

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