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Fafaa 100. 3 FM and its NGO the Duamenefa Foundation collaborates with Treasures of His Eyes, a UK based NGO for a three-day skill empowerment program in various skill trainings such as Batik Tie and Dye, Tailoring, Bakery, Bead Making, Costume, Farming and Pest Control, Introduction to Broadcast Journalism and Liquid Soap Making.

Many people came out to participate in acquiring a new skill

Three Hundred and Seventy-Six (376) participants from various Municipal and Districts such as Ketu North, Keta, Akatsi South, Ketu South and Akatsi North participated in the program. One hundred-twenty-four (124) participants were trained in the art of Batik Tie and Dye and liquid soap making by Madam Beauty Juliet Wormenor of Ketu North ICCESS Vocational Training School. Thirty-nine (39) were empowered in the skill of bead making by Madam Lariche of EVA DIVA, Viepe Aflao. Fourteen (14) were taken through the introduction to Broadcast Journalism by Mr. Attineku Reynolds the Campus Director of Fafaa Institute of Media and Professional Studies and Madam Fafali Bobobee, Head of News, Fafaa FM.

Eighty (80) participants were trained in Catering and Baking by Mr. Daniel Lodo of VAS DAN enterprise, Mrs Dovlo Rose and Sekey Edinam of Dzodze. Fourty-Three (43) people benefited the art of Costume and Cosmetics. Fifty-eight (58) were introduced to seamstressing by Madam Sena Tormadogo, of Keta, Madam Gladys of Klikor and Fafali Bobobee of Dzodze.   Twenty-three (23) farmers were lectured on the art of farming and Pest control by Mr. Dadoza, former director of Ketu North Municipal Agricultural Directorate. Madam Justine Quist, a public health nurse of the St Anthony’s Hospital Dzodze led the team through daily educational program on personal hygiene.

Pastor Adefunke Adeoye of Treasure of His Eyes, UK, the main facilitator of the program, in her address to the press emphasized that her organization’s partnership with Fafaa 100.3 FM’s Duamenefa Foundation for the past six years has yielded the desire results. According to Pastor Funke, various skill empowerment projects undertaken to empower single parents through donation of equipment to seamstresses, hairdressers and farmers has been highly successful and a lot more support for the vulnerable would be facilitated through the Duamenefa Foundation moving forward.

Pastor Adefunke speaks a message to the people

Pastor Funke commended the efforts of the Board of Governors of Fafaa 100.3 FM’s Duamenefa Foundation, the Executive President, Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the team of hard-working staff and the International Director of Operations, Rev. Diane Westcott – Mamaga Duamenefa. According to Pastor Funke, the Duamenefa team has displayed relentless efforts towards poverty alleviation of the vulnerable over the period of collaboration with the Foundation

The success of the training program was demonstrated by Madam Agbale Joyce one of the participants from Bedzeme, Dzodze. She has set up the production of liquid soap for sale, beginning a day after the training session. All other participants also promised to exhibit the talent acquired.

Key among the participants were Rev. Gabriel Ametorwo, the proprietor of Wells of Salvation Academy Agbozume. He understudied introduction to Broadcast Journalism. In practice he was able to write and present a news item on Fafaa 100.3 FM. He wishes to pursue further studies on the field of Journalism.

Rev. Govina Theresa Seckey, the Head Pastor of Faith Temple, Dzodze and Pastor Gaston Akoto of Look Unto the Cross Ministries International, Klikor also studied the art of Batik, Tie and Dye, Catering, Bakery and Bead Making respectively with the intention to train members of their congregations to enhance poverty alleviation.

The three days event would be crowned with donation of Equipment from Treasure of His Eyes, UK to the needy members of Fafaa FM’s, Duamenefa Foundation.

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