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Breaking News: Disabled Man Survives Third Brutal Attack, Pleads for Justice

In a harrowing incident that unfolded at Wlitey Alagbo-Kope a suburb of Akatsi, the tranquility of the Akatsi South municipality was shattered as a disabled man faced a merciless assault by a group of alleged criminals.


According to the victim, Mr. Adzaho Moses, affectionately known as Pozzo, he claimed that he found himself at the center of a horrifying attack, enduring the brutality of machetes, stones, and logs.

According to him, the assailants, numbering around 10 men, spared no mercy as they unleashed violence upon him and set his properties, valued at millions of Ghana Cedis, ablaze.



Narrating the terrifying incident to Senior Community Reporter Felix Abusah, of Fafaa 100.3 Fm, Mr. Pozzo claimed he identified key the attackers, he mentioned their names as, Daniel Dupe, known as Dzodzetor, Courage Tobolibo, a.k.a Ledzi, an ex-convict, and Robert Dupe, a.k.a Paulo.

Amidst the chaos, Chief Superintendent Isaac Baah, the Akatsi South Municipal Police Commander played a pivotal role in saving the situation. He and his dedicated team’s timely intervention averted further calamity.

Despite facing the relentless attackers, the police bravely stepped in to protect Pozzo and restore order but could not make any arrests.
However, the alleged assailants, undeterred by the presence of law enforcement, escalated the violence by smashing the windscreen of the police vehicle.

This brazen act not only posed a direct challenge to the authorities but also prompted an urgent call for reinforcements.
As the situation teetered on the brink, additional police forces rushed to the scene, ensuring the safety of both Pozzo and the community at large.

The valiant efforts of Chief Inspector Isaac Baah and his men underscore the importance of swift and decisive action in the face of criminal acts, emphasizing the dedication of law enforcement to maintaining peace and justice.

Mr. Adzaho is calling the police, the disabled community and all stakeholders to swiftly intervene and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The disabled man’s resilience in the face of such adversity serves as a poignant reminder of the need for community support and the safeguarding of vulnerable individuals.

As investigations unfold, the community awaits answers, hoping for a swift resolution that will restore not only Pozzo’s faith in humanity but also instill a sense of security in the Akatsi South municipality.

Fafaa 100.3 FM News team will continue to follow this story, shedding light on the pursuit of justice for Mr. Adzaho Moses and condemning such acts of violence within our communities.

Watch out for further development. ….

Story by: Felix Abusah, Email:


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