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Chiefs ready for arbitration

Ketu South: Invocation of the wrath of the gods to kill members of the Tsivoli Community

Hunua Ayi, a Korku Voodoo deity practitioner of Tsivoli in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region claimed he invoked the wrath of the gods to kill members of the entire community.

Hunua Ayi made this disclosure during a traditional arbitration where he was summoned to respond to allegations of using spiritual orchestrations and manipulations to terminate the life of one Mr. Agbalike.

In a petition to Mr. Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe, the Executive President of the Duamenefa Foundation and CEO of Fafaa FM for investigation and intervention, Mr. Kwasi Avekor, the petitioner, claimed that Hunua Ayi, cunningly invited his brother, the deceased, to work on his farm. He succeeded in using his powers to charm and kill the victim. The victim thereafter died mysteriously.

Hunua Ayi in response claimed members of the community of Tsivoli have been accusing him on various degrees of allegations, that he used his voodoo powers to terminate the life of the former Divisional Chief, Togbi Kornu III and others. The deceased is among his accusers. He admitted that he invoked the wrath of the gods to terminate the lives of his accusers.

All attempts by different traditional rulers such as Togbi Sabah of Nogokpo, Togbi Kornu, the Divisional Chief of Tsivoli and Hunua Korkortor Dziekpor of Atiavi could not yield the desired results.

The timely intervention of Fafaa 100.3 FM’s Duamenefa Social Intervention NGO, through investigation and interrogations, brought all parties together to the palace of the Divisional Chief, Togbi Kornu IV for an amicable resolution of the impasse.

Over 1000 people from all walks of life in and around Ketu South gathered at Tsivoli to witness the public arbitration in the matter of Mr. Kwasi Avekor (Complainant) and Hunua Ayi Misah (Defendant)

The arbitration concluded with the following verdicts:

1. Mr. Kwasi Avekor was fined for refusal to honor Togbi’s invitation.

2.Hunua Ayi was asked to exorcise the gods with immediate effect. He would be responsible to produce the requisite ritualistic items for the purpose. He has agreed with the chiefs to act accordingly.

Some of the prominent chiefs who were present during the arbitration were:

1. Torgbui Kornu of Tsivoli
2. Torgbui Dikenu of Nogokpo
3. Torgbui Amane of Klikor
4. Torgbui Nyatakpo Sabah of Klikor
5. Torgbui Akpabli Nemi of Klikor
6. Torgbui Mortsiglo of Adafienu
7. Torgbui Adjevi of Adjevikope
8. Torgbui Kofi Awudi of Klikor
9. Torgbui Sonu of Tsivoli
10. Torgbui Akpalu Agbali of Glidzi
11. Fiator John Borklo. Rep of Torgbui Nutsodzi
12. Torgbui Hunua Gbeti of Anyako
13. Hon. Jonas Fotor Agbagba Alevia – Assembly member of Nogokpo – Ativuta Elec. Area
14. Unit Committee Members of Ativuta Elec. Area

The chiefs and people of Tsivoli donated various amounts of money to buy recharge cards to celebrate the Duamenefa Foundation for the successful intervention to save the entire community from incessant death by the gods.

Several of the Chiefs who were present to oversee arbitration

The Duamenefa Foundation of Fafaa100.3 FM Dzodze, is a social intervention movement made up of over 39,000 registered and certified volunteers. (Still counting) Its members are scattered across the length and breadth of the Volta Region of Ghana and beyond.

Their mission is to collaborate with relevant stakeholders of the various communities to promote peaceful coexistence.

Watch out for further development…………

Reporting for Fafaa FM 100.3
Courage Edwin Amenuda
Yelibato – Gbedzekope

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